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  • June 27, 2014 Spashing in the Pool

    June 27, 2014 Spashing in the Pool 0:45

    He likes his pool. He barks at the hose and tries to get it ... even if the hose is not turned on a… Jo Bill Jun 29, 2014 70 views

  • Gizmo's Roll-y

    Gizmo's Roll-y 02:34

    Gizmo got a new toy .... it's supposed to replace his Jolly Egg; He has chewed a hole into it. It's… Jo Bill May 31, 2013 106 views

  • Gizmo Takes A Walk

    Gizmo Takes A Walk 04:13

    I thought it would be fun to take a video of Gizmo walking so everyone could see his funny gait. It… Jo Bill Nov 5, 2012 102 views

  • Gizmo Chooses

    Gizmo Chooses 01:17

    Gizmo likes to choose which flavor of rawhide he gets. I'm not sure why the color is "off", but it'… Jo Bill Nov 5, 2012 47 views

  • Gizmo and the Vacuum

    Gizmo and the Vacuum 01:33

    Gizmo likes to "eat" the vacuum. He comes running when I turn it on. Jo Bill Oct 28, 2012 32 views

  • Gizmo and the Blowdryer

    Gizmo and the Blowdryer 0:40

    I was painting the pumpkin for the Well-Mannered Dog Center event and Gizmo noticed the blowdryer.… Jo Bill Oct 27, 2012 42 views

  • Gizmo in the Sprinkler

    Gizmo in the Sprinkler 01:53

    90* weather this week. Gizmo LOVES the sprinkler and his wading pool...and he knows the difference… Jo Bill Jun 29, 2012 79 views

  • King On The Mountain

    King On The Mountain 01:35

    Cole & Paige were playing with Gizmo. He loves the kids. this was taken about 2 months ago, so… Jo Bill May 16, 2012 35 views

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