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At 9:38pm on June 10, 2013, lisa, jim, and WILLIE makes 3 said…

Marie - i almost forgot - the other day you asked me how we picked Willie - and i really had to think about it!  he kinda picked us - we really wanted a black - and it's a sort of long story - but, when we met the breeder, she had a personal doodle pet, named RUTHIE, that was a black goldendoodle - she was beautiful - and totally blind - since birth!  She is 7years old now- and left an impression on my husband and i!  she went on the nickel "tour" with us - out to the kennels, into the house, into the puppy shed - and she walked so gracefully, almost like a pony prance - she never stumbled, fell, tripped, staggered - nothing - and when we stopped walking, she would very gently tap our knee with her paw!  awwwww!  at that moment, my husband wanted a black doodle!  But, we also considered a dark carmel - and there was a whole litter of those!  but, willie was so MELLOW - and then would get his "puppy-spaz" on - complete with a ton of puppy energy - and he played "take-away" and chase with a 5 year old doodle, that was also a personal pet of the groomer - and we just knew -- that he was the one - it was LOVE AT FIRST SIGHT!  don't get me wrong - in a room full of puppies - there's lots of love in there - but, we just knew - he was ours - and that gets reproven every day!  We have learned that he is very much into routines!  eats at the same time, potties at the same time, plays at the same time - and when it gets close to bed time, we are all on our bed together for "telly-time"!  for about 30 minutes - and just like a little kid - i carry him to his crate for bed cuz he is ZONKED!  

At 9:28pm on June 10, 2013, lisa, jim, and WILLIE makes 3 said…

Hi Marie & Grace! Willie is amazing - eventhough he's not grace ... :)  he is growing EVERY day - right before our eyes! he's responding well to a few new commands - we are working on "nice" - so he doesn't snap things from our hands - and "wait" - so he doesn't knock us over giving him water or his food! :(  but, we've taken 2 - 6 hour trips to little rock, ar (3 hours each way) - and a 12 hour trip (6 hours each way) to omaha - and we stayed in hotels and he was BEYOND perfect!  we were on the 4th floor and he was very patient - and we had no accidents!!  woo! hoo!  he also only "whimpered" - and didn't start barking or full-out crying when i left the room!  progress!!  so how many days now for you little arrival?  wishing you the very best! 

At 2:27pm on June 10, 2013, Grace and Pemon The Gentle Giant said…

Yup, I am all woman!  LOL  And I am the original Amazing Grace.  LOL

At 1:50pm on June 10, 2013, catherine plevy said…

You are brave with two and very busy with a third. I would just put them in seperate rooms when feeding them. My sister does that with her 4 cats LOL that way you know for sure who ate what! Good luck. I have to run but want to look at your pics of your babies. ttys

At 12:57pm on June 10, 2013, catherine plevy said…

I guess I should mention OH RILEY is a girl. I know the name fools people. The groomer clips (not much) and dries her. I like her hair because it is very straight and long. I don't let the groomer cut her short or shave her. I think it insulates in winter and summer, however she does prefer the air conditioning in the summer and loves to lay out in the snow.

At 12:43pm on June 10, 2013, catherine plevy said…

yikes can't spell either! lol we have one Doodle!

At 1:51pm on June 7, 2013, lisa, jim, and WILLIE makes 3 said…

Hi Marie and Amazing Grace!  yes, we have our goldendoodle - WILLIE!  we picked him up on May 16th - a day ahead of schedule!  our plans took a bit of a turn when we went to pick out our new furbaby - we fell in love with a black doodle from the litter born 4 days ahead of our litter - he hadn't gone to his new home yet because the "buyer" changed her mind about getting a doodle!  so - he was AVAILABLE!  we were THRILLED! :)  we've had him home now 3 weeks now - and couldn't be more happy with him and his progress!  he is pretty much house broken - we haven't had any "mom-you-were-too-slow-taking-me-out" times for about 9 days now - he has slept all night since we got him - and he made a wonderful transition to his new food! :)  He responds to his name-he understands "NO", "potty", "toys", "outside", "sit", and "treat" - and of course, he recognizes the sound of the treat can! LOL!!  We will start a few new lessons next week - while still reinforcing the old!  he has done soooo well - i'm very impressed!  he was at the vet yesterday - he weighed 18 pounds - so he had gained 8 pounds in 3 weeks - and he got his rabies - and 2nd booster on the parvo combo!  I wish that everybody could have such a wonderful puppy!  i'd wish you luck, but, i don't think it's luck!  i am a firm believer that you will get out of your baby - exactly what you put in them - and more! PS - he is also such a snuggler and lovebug!  guess you can tell - i'm totally in love! :)

At 3:02pm on June 6, 2013, Grace and Pemon The Gentle Giant said…

Where did the barking puppy go?  That was so cute!  Thanks Marie, loved it!

At 7:31pm on June 3, 2013, Kathy, Elliott & Spencer said…
Hi Marie, both our boys were shipped to us in southwestern Ontario all the way from Parksville, British Columbia, which is on Vancouver Island. We picked them up at the airport about 2 hours from our home. So from door to door, about 17 hours. Both times it went well. Sounds like your breeder has done this before, so she will know how to plan it. If you need any information or suggestions, please let me know. Such a long, long nerve wracking day while you wait!
At 7:22pm on June 02, 2013, Grace and Pemon The Gentle Giant gave Marie & (Amazing) Grace a gift
Pemon said I have messed up so that he wanted to give you a special Birthday Gift. Happy belated Birthday Aunt Marie. Love and hugs from Pemon.
At 7:19pm on June 02, 2013, Grace and Pemon The Gentle Giant gave Marie & (Amazing) Grace a gift
Welcome again. Darn and I forgot to give you my welcome gift! Hugs from Grace and Pemon the Gentle Giant.
At 7:13pm on June 2, 2013, Grace and Pemon The Gentle Giant said…

So sorry Marie I don't know how I missed this! Pemon and I would be Yonk

I mean honored. On my kindle and it changes words on me.

ers to be your friends.

At 9:47pm on June 1, 2013, Kathy, Elliott & Spencer said…
Happy birthday Marie!
At 10:08am on June 1, 2013, JoAnn Gallagher & Paddy Waggin' said…

Hi Marie and (Amazing) Grace,

Paddy (Waggin') hasn't joined us here at home yet.  Next Saturday, June 8th is pick-up day. Now, I must get off my butt and make this house "puppy-proof" again!!

   Didn't have to worry much about things lying around when Miss Murphy was more than just a loving spirit here.  Too much lying around for a puppy to get into...especially in this room that I call my computer room...soon to house Paddy's crate.  Take care...are you going to visit (Amazing) Grace again??

At 7:05am on June 1, 2013, bryan doherty said…
Many Happy Returns. Have a great day
At 5:19am on June 1, 2013, bryan doherty said…
Thank you so much for your comments. Happy to be your friend Take care
At 12:26am on June 01, 2013, Laurie, Jackson and Delilah gave Marie & (Amazing) Grace a gift
Happy Birthday!!!! from Laurie and Jackson
At 6:52pm on May 31, 2013, Kathy, Elliott & Spencer said…

Thank you. Looking forward to seeing Grace when she gets home.

At 6:49pm on May 31, 2013, Lois - Izzi said…

will enjoy your new puppy with you.  thanks for sharing

At 4:18pm on May 31, 2013, Joe Bowers said…

Thank you / have a great weekend

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