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At 12:50pm on December 27, 2018, Grace and Pemon The Gentle Giant said…

Bryan: Hope you and yours including Dudley have had a Merry Christmas. Don't know if I told you I have colitis pretty bad and can't go out that often.  Christmas was ok here. Pemon will be 9 in March and his hind legs are some what weaker. Hope all is well with the family. 

Love from the Crouse House


At 11:09am on March 7, 2016, Grace and Pemon The Gentle Giant said…

Bryan: Just wanted to send you and the family my best. I think of you all often. It's been a very rough road here. Webster hoping this year would be better then last. Has to improve. LOL. The Crouse House sends their best to you and Irene and family.

Grace Mark and Pemon

At 11:43am on September 29, 2015, Grace and Pemon The Gentle Giant said…
Bryan I am having difficulty commenting with my cell phone. Just wanted you and Irene to know i got your message. Thank you for thinking of us. My broken leg is a very long process. I've been home two and a half weeks with no therapy. Finally got some yesterday aftering a new home health agency. It is so hard transporting from wheel chair to bed or portable toilet with the transport board. I'm afraid of falling. Loys of pain etc. Icould go on and on but i won't. I will write again soon when I can get down to the computer via the ramp Mark built for me.
Miss you guys and thank you for cheering me up. Pemon sends hugs to Dudley.
At 8:19am on August 27, 2015, DonMarie & Picco said…

Thanks Bryan and the handsome Dudley!

At 9:03am on June 16, 2015, DonMarie & Picco gave bryan doherty a gift
Wishing you a cracking birthday!
At 10:45am on January 10, 2015, karen williams said…

Thankyou looking forward to exploring x

At 9:08am on June 16, 2014, DonMarie & Picco gave bryan doherty a gift
Have a crakin good birthday!
At 1:27pm on January 20, 2014, Pachi Lles said…

Hi Bryan Thanks a lot!

Your Dog is beautiful!
I'm searching a miniature puppy Goldendoodle Shaggy coat.
I live in Madrid Spain and is difficult to found here... :(
-Somebody knows a Goldendoodle breeder in spain?
-Sending from England is possible?
We love this dogs...
Congrats and thanks for your time!!

At 11:02am on August 29, 2013, Laura said…
Morning Bryan, what a nice surprise when I checked my mail this morning and received your bday wishes. Thank You! We have had a busy summer with family and friends so haven't been on the site much. Must check in soon. Hope you are all good your way! Give that doodle BIG hugs from Gracie and I. Thanks again my friend! xox Laura
At 1:38pm on February 22, 2013, Martha&Finnegan said…
Thanks for your reply Bryan! I love reading your blog and all the Scottish references most of which I don't understand lol! My son was quite taken with Scotland and its natural beauty and the warmth of the people! By the way I just saw the pictures from your daughters wedding and they are beautiful! Lovely family!
At 12:55pm on February 10, 2013, Julie brown said…
Thankyou for the welcome :)
At 7:44pm on September 27, 2012, Grace and Pemon The Gentle Giant said…

Bryan I was going to do my usual thing and ask you what the heck "Och Eye the Noo" meant.  But instead I decided to google it.  You are showing your age, yes?  That's an old fashion Scottish saying.  But believe it or not it brought up an article on the Poet Robert Burns and it went into Burns Night which is celebrated on January 25th.  I said to my self, "self, this is way too cool!"  LOL  Now you need to post some pictures of Dudley as it's been 3 months.  Also we haven't seen a picture of your Grandson since April.  How are you feeling?  Good I hope.  I just went through a bunch of tests which I had been putting off and everything came out pretty good. 

At 3:44pm on June 15, 2012, Dee, Indie & Winstone gave bryan doherty a gift
'Happy Birthday'
At 6:56pm on March 26, 2012, Grace and Pemon The Gentle Giant said…

Hey Bryan, how are you doing?  Hope all is okay.  Was thinking of you today, my husband was switching channels and there was soccer.  I asked him who was playing, he said some English teams.  I asked him if it was the Rangers and he answered me with, It's soccer!  I said, I know that is the Scottish soccer team.  I hope I'm right.  Hope you are getting stronger and not stressing.  How is the grandson?  Time to go, Mark, Pemon and I are doing fine.

At 7:06am on March 6, 2012, Andrea said…

Great names... will put them to my husband tonight ;)

At 12:19pm on February 27, 2012, Andrea said…

Thank you Bryan.. I am still trying to come up with a 'good' name for her, but the lads at work keep putting me off ( they didn't think much of darcie/coco/ava!! ) so i keep thinking!! yes i am desperately marking the days off on the Calendar - we are getting the house prepared - we didn't do this much for preparing for our children!!!! I lost my Beardie 4 years ago ( she was 16 ) then i fell quite ill .... better now so feel can give my little bundle my all ! :)

At 8:20pm on January 26, 2012, Grace and Pemon The Gentle Giant said…

O.K. Bryan, funny!   Really trying to confuse me now.   I know what Haggis and a dram of nectar is, but I think I'm afraid to ask, what is Tatties & Neeps?  Stabbed with a dirk I would think is either a knife or fork?   Sounded like an interesting celebration.   Too bad I missed it!  LOL

At 5:33am on January 20, 2012, Alexandra Young said…

I ended up getting the dates wrong and it is this monday we have puppy classes.  As you say they really are intelligent dogs, but its getting the overwhelming excitement controlled slightly.  How old is Dudley?

At 7:34pm on January 18, 2012, Grace and Pemon The Gentle Giant said…

Bryan:  You are just too funny!   Thank you for the lesson.  Bad example to say when the Dolphins make an 85 yard TB it's Belter.   Certainly wasn't done this last season.   For the Super Bowl, I am now routing for New England.

At 6:32pm on January 16, 2012, Hils33 said…
Thanks, I will! :-)

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