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Zoey was given to us after a very unfortunate event on our tenth wedding anniversary. Our five year old silver standard poodle developed "bloat" about 11:30 pm died in the emergency room of a vet in Anderson, SC. We were going to take Sadie up to see our Grandkids in Minnesota the next day. We were devastated. I was never more attached to a pet than I was to Sadie.

My wife's business manager was trying to find a place for a second goldendoodle that, because of circumstances, was not receiving the love and attention she required. At the time, Sadie was alive and a very type "A" personality.

A month passed and we decided, after what we went through with Sadie that the love we have for animals was too great to pass up on a beautiful cream goodendoodle that really needed a stable, loving environment.

Zoey, at the age of sixteen months, entered our lives. She quickly discovered that she was "home" to speak! It has been a mutually wonderful experience. Tell you more tomorrow!

Jim and Connie

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