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Some of you may recall our story about a trip to the vet and the shannanigancs caused by my boys that resulted in a needle in my foot and dog barf all over the vet's shoe. As funny as that was, I was concerned about the vet. He just didn't seem like he was banging on all cylinders. I wondered if he was showing signs of early dementia, but dismissed it because I'm hypersensitive to that sort of stuff because of my job.

So today we went to the vet for Spencer's vaccines, and we took Elliott with us because I wanted the vet to check the cyst that has been on Elliott's neck for about a year now. It has been growing, not quickly but steadily, and is now a bit smaller than the detergent tablets you use in the dishwasher. The vet had told me that they sometimes can grow "fairly large" but if it wasn't uncomfortable it could just be watched. He confirmed what I was thinking that it was painless, and free from any under attachments to muscles etc., just within the skin layers. I asked again about it a while ago and was told all was OK.

So today, we were put in the little room and in the door walks a vet I haven't seen before. He didn't really explain why he was there instead of our long-time vet. My hubby said, "I don't think we've met" and he introduced himself but still didn't say where our vet was. Finally I asked him directly and he said he was a classmate of our vet. But our vet wanted to retire and had, so this vet bought his practice.

He checked the lump and told me he would "definitely get that out of there" as "these" can suddenly grow quite big. The smaller it is, the easier the surgery. So I asked him if he makes sure he gets the little sack out that the cyst grows in. He told me he thinks it is a skin timor, not a cyst. He pointed out that there were some tiny bumps on the surface, not completely smooth like a cyst. Then he went on to explain the surgery and testing etc.

I should never ignore that little voice inside when it is bugging me. Now I don't know what to do. I've never met this guy. Seemed nice enough but I didn't like that I had to ask why he was there. I do believe my old vet may have been slipping cognitively (I say "old" but he was younger than me LOL). It was very subtle but I'm sure now I was probably right. 

Do I go ahead? Do I try another vet? I had that  vet for my last 4 dogs. Anyone else will also be a stranger. 

What would you guys do?

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Comment by Laurie, Nug & Puk on March 6, 2014 at 10:09pm
His first mistake was not introducing himself to you and explaining to you why he was there.
I understand your unease.
I would get a second opinion and see what another Vet says.
What this new vet said about the growth does not sound unreasonable, but for your own peace of mind get a scond opinion. It takes time to build up trust and you got off on the wrong foot.
Comment by Debbie & Trixie on March 6, 2014 at 9:50pm

The whole interaction with the new vet would make me just uneasy enough to at least get a second opinion, if not change to a different vet altogether.  Very rude not to introduce himself and explain that he had bought the practice.  And his opinion that is opposite from his predecessor makes it even more worrisome.  I agree with the others...I'd ask my friends who they use for a vet and make  an appointment elsewhere!

Comment by Kathy, Elliott & Spencer on March 6, 2014 at 8:52pm
I guess I should have said that I wanted the recheck as my gut is saying its time to take it out whatever it turns out to be. Its just too big. Given its location and the fact that it is limited to the skin layers, it's not rocket science to excise it. I'm just really nervous getting to know a new vet by trusting him/her to do surgery. Then there's the follow up, depending on pathology report. By then you're sort of in with both feet.
What do you all look for in your vet? What questions do I ask?
Comment by Beverly and Eli on March 6, 2014 at 8:46pm

I think I agree; however, a growing tumor or cyst should probably be removed anyway. That's just a personal opinion, not based on anything. Given that your long time vet is no longer practicing, this gives you an opportunity to find one you will be comfortable with for a long time. I think it was presumptuous of the new vet not to introduce himself and leave you wondering what happened. So I'd shop around and get that second opinion.

Comment by Laurie, Jackson and Delilah on March 6, 2014 at 8:32pm

I agree with Jo Bill....I'd get a second opinion Kathy, just to be on the safe side.  If both say the same thing, then I would get it removed.   Don't even mention it is a second opinion....just see what he/she says...Good luck and let us know!!

Comment by Jo Bill on March 6, 2014 at 8:03pm

I'd ask around your area who others take their dogs to.  I would be very leery of a new vet who suddenly wants to do surgery ... even if the older vet seemed "off".  I'd definitely get a second opinion.  Let us know what happens.  Good luck!

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