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Training questions for when new people come to the house.

Good morning Doodle Family!!


I have some training questions for bringing a new baby in the household. I am having a little boy and my due date is June 4th, 2014. Winston is amazing with little kids (though if we'd let him, he'd never stop kissing them). I love that you can see his attitude change when he is around children. He's much more gentle. He also has changed when it comes to interacting with me. He seems to know he needs to be more gentle with me, but when Ryan comes home, he is ready to get crazy and play with daddy.


Since the baby will be here before we know it, I know I will be having many more vistors at my home. My question is how I can work on him not getting SOOO excited when guests come into my house. He'll jump and run around and just act crazy (in a fun way). I am sure some guests find it annoying and Ryan and I are usually right there to make sure he isn't jumping. I don't know if he'll just grow out of it (he's 1.5 yrs old), but I would like to get it under control sooner than later.


When Ryan and I come home from being away from the house for a significat of time Winston will be so excited and want to jump, but we'll turn our back to him until he sits/calms down. He's doing great with that, but I can't expect every guest to come in my house and turn their back to him until he calms down.


Any ideas?

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Comment by Lois - Izzi on February 1, 2014 at 5:14pm

good job, so far..    Want to know if you are using a verbal command also.  ????    In the meantime just use a leash to reinforce expected company.     As for the new baby coming home, Immediately enforce standards..  Put him in crate or even outside until you are settled with the baby in arms.  By June you should have no problem with him greeting you without jumping at you or the baby.   Let him sniff all he wants but not lick, paw or touch in any manner including the cradle from day one.   Very quickly he will understand there is a new master in the house.  

smiles and congratulations...  

Comment by Debbie & Trixie on January 30, 2014 at 7:34am

I think a lot of doodles have this issue...they are SO happy to meet new people that they can't seem to contain themselves.  We haven't succeeded yet in finding "the" thing that will work with Trixie, but if you can get people to do it, the gentle knee in the chest technique does seem to help!  Wish I had some good and immediate answer for you! 

Comment by Harrison, Brodie & Kris on January 29, 2014 at 11:03pm

Harrison is that way. We usually kennel him when we are expecting company he doesn't know. The kennel is in our den and after the excitement of new people has settled down we let him out and tell our guests to just ignore him. 

If he tries to jump on us we knee him in the chest like our trainer told us and he gets it and won't attempt it again. We tell all our guest and people we meet to do the same. 

Best of luck and congratulations....

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