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Hello Fellow Doodle Lovers,

I have a wonderful 9 month old female F1B.  She is well behaved and womderful except... she gets far too excited when encountering new people.  We are getting her jumping under control, but does anyone have any tips for this?  Is it just to get her to sit when told no matter what the situation is?

Thanks for any pointers :)

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Comment by Gerry Ross on February 17, 2020 at 12:59pm

My Otis, just over one year old, is also very excitable when we meet anyone. If he's too much I say 'excuse me for a second we'll be right back' and then walk him a few of feet away. Then I have him sit for a couple seconds and when I bring him back he's usually much better. If he isn't then I say 'we gotta go' and go for a short walk. After doing this a couple times he figured it out and has been much better around new people. We also went to obedience training and being around other dogs and people for an hour a week really helped. 

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