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I haven't been the best at updates lately, we've been very busy!  But, everyday Mowgli continues to steal every tiny piece of our heart we have left.  He is everything that was promised of a golden doodle...and so much more.


One major difference we have noticed is his mellow attitude.  He still mouths...he continues to lose teeth quite frequently, but, we think he is nearing the end of that.  We are able to have him in bed with us as we unwind without him chewing on the covers, our feet, etc.  He also knows that when it's time for bed, it's time to "kennel up" and usually goes without any struggle or promise of a treat.  He knows our routine well, and, for the most part..follows it pretty well.


We still have trouble in the car.  Unless he is able to stick his head out the window, he usually gets nauseous pretty easily which requires us to always have a towel ready.  He does do better if he can put his head out the window...unfortunately, that's not alway possible.  A few weeks back, Casey was getting ready to take him to the vet and he jumped out the window!  Thankfully, they weren't off the driveway yet, and Mowgli didn't get hurt, but, it makes us very hesitant to have the window open at all when we're driving unless someone has a firm hold on him!  We have a 7 hour car ride coming up next week....I hope he does ok....any tips?


Soon, we'll have to take him in to get neutered...we're also going to get him microchipped at this time.  I remember doing this to dogs we had when I was growing up and I just remember them being very groggy and a bit grouchy for a day or so.  I'd rather do it sooner and get it over with!


One of our favorite things to do is take Mowgli on walks and take him out in open fields.  He will fecth sticks that are as big (and bigger!) than him for hours.  I don't care what they say - dogs ABSOLUTELY smile.  I always tell Casey that I hope Mowgli is happy with us...but, I know he is.  We couldn't be more in love with him!

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Comment by Grace and Pemon The Gentle Giant on April 28, 2012 at 12:06pm

Makes a lot of sense Jo.  Before Mark has his Company he worked for another Pool Company.  He use to work Saturday mornings and take Fletch (our other dog) with him sometimes.  Well this one Saturday he didn't (thank heavens!)  He was travelling on a 6 lane road and he could see in his rear view mirror that the car behind was was travelling at an excessive rate of speed.  He stepped on it, but the car kept coming faster and faster.  Mark was pulling a 10 ft. trailer filled with Pool Chemicals. This kid hit Mark in the rear (remember he was pulling that trailer) and spun Mark around so that he was headed in the opposite direction.  Well, the kid ended half way up on the trailer and Mark had his seat belt on and the drivers door flew open and his papers flew out of the truck.  If Fletch had been with him, Fletch would have been ejected and killed!

Comment by Jo Bill on April 27, 2012 at 10:18pm

Kristen, we take Gizmo with us EVERYWHERE!  Well, we did until his accident (he broke his leg a couple weeks ago)...we will again once he is able to move more easily.


In our puppy class it was recommended that we get a car harness for the exact reason you have named - jumping out of the car window.  Or, in case of a car accident - don't want our Doodle to be running all over the road if he gets out.  We went to Pet Smart and found a har"seatbelt" to put in the car.  It has a strap that we connected to the handles on the ceiling in the back of the car.  Then he has a vest to wear that has a strap to hook onto the strap that goes across the top by the ceiling.  It allows him to move anywhere in the back seat, but will prevent him from being thrown from or jumping out of the car.  Gizmo liked to lay on the floor in the backseat instead of on the seat, so we put him in the very back of our SUV now.  It has anchors on the floor where we can hook the strap connected to his vest.  He's very comfortable in it.  He knows when we get the vest out that he's going for a ride and gets very excited.


I'm not sure if this is for you since Mowgli gets carsick.  It would immobilize him though so he couldn't wander the car.  Gizmo only got carsick once and I'm not sure what triggered it.  I think it was watching the scenery move so fast past him.  He was very young and had been sitting on my lap looking out the window.  Now, he likes to put his chin on the back seat and look forward at us since he's in the far back of the car.  Usually he just lays down, though.


And YES!  Dogs DO smile!  I love it when they do.

Comment by Grace and Pemon The Gentle Giant on April 24, 2012 at 1:39pm

Kristen sorry I don't have any suggestions for the car rides.  We take Pemon to the groomer and vet which are both very close.  The longest ride he had was when Mark picked him up at the Breeders.  He threw up then.   We had him micro chipped pretty immediately.  They are so darn cute we were afraid of losing him.  You just gotta love em.  It's good hearing from you.  We're asking everyone to enter this week in the Photo Contest for the month of May.  I'm sure you have an adorable picture of Mowgli that you can enter. 

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