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My Doodle, Clark, is a soon-to-be year old Doodle. He is a voracious chewer and recent inhaler of all things chewable. I started him on "Bully Sticks" about 4 months ago and they were the miracle that I had been looking for. However, lately he chews on the stick for about 10 minutes and then sucks the whole thing down his throat. I have had to resort to not giving them to him. Does anyone have any recommendations on something else he can chew on that will give him longterm satisfaction without the fear of him swallowing it hole?

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Comment by Administrator Jan on March 19, 2020 at 12:00pm

When my dogs were still chewing a lot, I too gave up on the bully sticks for the same reason you are.

What I found that they liked, and held up were Nylabone durables:

On the face of it, the nylabone seems really expensive, but it lasts years!

Also tried antlers (real deer/elk antlers) - Do Not !!!  They are too hard and cracked one of my dog's molars, and the Vet said not to give her any more antlers!

Hope this helps.

Comment by Cathy Dodson on March 14, 2020 at 8:45am

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