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This dog has so much love to share, she has picked up the happiness factor in the whole house. Even disabled w/ a condition where it rains everyday...,you better learn to dance in the rain and Sasha helps me do that more. My whole family said it's been the best thing and I want to do the best I can w/ her and got a discount for her training which is a blessing. Im trying to do her right.
I think Sasha is champagne, Can anyone chime in on her color? she has white tipped feet & tail. White belly and chest and rest looks like champagne on top w/ the Golden ears...
Does color change as older? and how long the hair can get because her dad was groomed being in LA...
How should I go about finding the different cuts. I learned sanitary cut the hard way.. what is the look or looks that are available or do I just let them do what the want. Any recommendations . I'm confused on how long it's gonna get..

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Comment by Mark & Sasha on March 5, 2017 at 6:42am
I like champagne better too and think it best describes what I see..she got her 3rd round of shots and we thought she gained 5-7 lbs and it's just her coat.. .only a half of pound.. and she was eating more than the directions on food..
Comment by DonMarie & Picco on March 4, 2017 at 11:39am

I'd call it cream but champagne sounds better!   Sasha will most likely lighten up.  If you look at Picco's photos, he was darker than her and he's much lighter now.  I do my own grooming but once (or twice) a year I take him in to get a good grooming/sanitary cut. I'm afraid to do that myself!  I kept Picco long for the first year but he had more tolerance for being brushed. Now I let him get a little longer in the winter months but it is harder to take care of - brushing more often to keep mats away.  I give him a quick groom about every 4-5 weeks but we keep up around the face & eyes every couple weeks. Give him a good brushing (down to the skin) about once a week. 

I have an Andis clipper (about $90) and bought a package of assorted combs so I could experiment early on, now I just use 2 or 3 sizes of combs.  I made my own set up: bought a grooming arm off amazon, a folding plastic table and put a bath mat on it so he doesn't slip.  I use the neck loop around his hips to keep him from sitting.

I enjoy my grooming and it doesn't come out perfect but neither does the groomer!  Picco seems to have clumps of hair that hide and come out a day or two later!  I just trim them off with the scissors.

Comment by Mark & Sasha on March 4, 2017 at 7:46am
Thanks for quick response..Oh wow! I can see the whole picture now. 5" of hair. She's just like a teddy bear..
and Yes she's already been through her first puppy session and she made it from 9AM to Noon. It's like they said that her life is gonna be in the groomers. I brush her everyday and tell her how beautiful she is AND I think she knows it...I also do the nails and ears. Well only twice so far. And we will have lotto friendship time. But they are the ultimate companion dog.
Comment by Jan, Lily & Nessy on March 4, 2017 at 12:24am

Blonde / Champagne sounds good to me.  Color change, slight.  White areas likely will stay white (when clean ;)   How long? Ummm, hard to say. Could get over 5", depending...  Check out simple grooming instructions at: and  (I prefer Andis clippers, if you decide to go that route).

What you will notice, at about 8-14 months, they go through a coat change (from puppy to adult coat), and the hair matts terribly during the change.  Many folks (me included), choose to go for a shave-down rather than trying to fight the matts daily.  You'll know when it is time, believe me, the matts happen almost as fast as you can comb/brush.

Even if you plan on doing all your own grooming, I think it wise to find a good professional groomer to help teach your puppy to accept being groomed by a stranger.  This may be important later, like when you just can't do it yourself.  Whoever you choose, make sure that the important point is not so much the actual results, as the puppy learning that grooming need not be scary.  I've had them do a minimal trim & bath as a learning experience for the puppy.  Check the groomers recommendations on to see if someone recommended a groomer in your area.

Oh, and no matter what, always reward puppy for putting up with being groomed, and always tell them what a good dog they are, and how beautiful they look (no matter how shocked you may feel at seeing your dog shrink by 50% after a shave-down, don't ever let them know, they won't understand it isn't about what they did).

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