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Just weighed Spencer and he is 58 pounds! He's only 5 months old. Elliott is 67lb full grown. Anyone have thoughts on how big this "little guy" will be? Elliott has the picky grazer poodle genes. Spencer seems to be the retriever chow hound. He's not fat but he packs a powerful wallop when he jumps on you lol.

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Comment by Kathy, Elliott & Spencer on January 16, 2013 at 10:30pm
Thanks so much for that Alessandra. I will check that out. I remember trying it a long time ago for a dog who was terrified of thunder storms. Sadly, I can't remember if it worked lol! Sure worth trying though. Thank you so much.
Comment by Pedro & Alessandra on January 16, 2013 at 1:44am

Hi Kathy, my friend got back to me today with the name of the product she used when her pup used to get car sick. It's called "Rescue Remedy". I googled it and there is a website with info about the human grade product but they also have the Pet one. She also said that her vet recommended a homeopathic remedy. I wanted to get back to you so you didn't think I forgot, but I'll read up on it tomorrow and let you know if there is something more specific worth knowing. Loving paws in the meantime!

Comment by Kathy, Elliott & Spencer on January 13, 2013 at 7:14pm
Thanks Alessandra. that is so very kind of you, especially with Pedro so much on your mind. all suggestions gratefully received!
Comment by Pedro & Alessandra on January 13, 2013 at 6:57pm

Hey Kathy, I'm sure that Spencer will be able to pursue his education and become a distinguished Barky-logist... all that digging looking for ancient treasures has to benefit Doodles and humanity somehow! 

Seriously though, I've emailed my friend and waiting to hear back from her because I remember her lab used to have car sickness issues and she found a natural remedy that helped. I will pass it on to you as soon as I hear back, though ginger is obviously a natural remedy and may be the way to go. In any case, I suspect he will grow out of this barfy stage and he will get a doctorate in Barky-logy! Loving paws from Pedro and I

Comment by Kathy, Elliott & Spencer on January 13, 2013 at 6:31pm

Thanks for that Blue. I did try ginger, but maybe I didn't give him enough. I have ginger root capsules that are 550 mg. I only gave him 1, and it didn't seem to make any difference. Any idea on how much he should have?

From what you say, perhaps the gravol did help a bit. Obedience lessons are about 15-20 min from our home. He got there, through the class, and almost back home again (there was a little bit on his cushion in the car and I don't know when it happened). Like I said, he jumped right out of the car like he knew he was going to do it, then threw up all over the garage. I really don't know how there was anything left in his tummy to throw up, except the 2 little tiny bits of chicken he got as rewards at class. It was all clear water except for that.

Anyway, if you can suggest how much ginger to use, I will try again Tuesday night. Thanks again everybody for helping us.

Comment by Blue Sterling on January 13, 2013 at 4:06pm

Kathy, you mentioned that Spencer gets car sick.  Have you tried Ginger?  We gave our Sunny some ginger about an hour before getting in the car, and it helped.   He grew out of it after a few months, too.  At first, he would barf after longer intervals, and eventually he made it the whole trip without being sick.

There's a handy dandy growth chart here -

Comment by Kathy, Elliott & Spencer on January 13, 2013 at 3:12pm
Lol Louise. Nice to hear he's not off the charts. I guess I sort of expected him to be Elliott size, extremely tall, but very fine-boned and light weight. No reason to expect he would be except for having same mom. Spencer is built solid with much stockier bones.
We also love big dogs. Started with a mini-schnauzer who unfortunately passed away before age 6 due to cancer. She was a nice dog, but not the best match for us. From there, we have had a bouvier, a German-shedder/lab mix, another bouvier (Holly who we still have), and now our 2 goofy and handsome dudes. Spencer has the giant part down - needs some work and time with the gentle part lol.
Thanks for the optimism on the car sickness maybe passing. It's starting to get me down a bit. I don't feel right medicating him either, but I thought perhaps I was just too fussy. We'll keep trying. Thanks for the support.
Comment by Louise Eisfeld on January 13, 2013 at 9:54am

Kathy, I haven't weighed Molson since his last vet visit but I estimate him over 55 lbs and he is coming up to 5 months. Everyone including the vet agree he is going to be a big boy, or a gentle giant as Grace calls them. I hope so as I do prefer big dogs, thats why I chose this breed over the miniatures! I have been keeping a growth chart for Molson, need to do a weigh in this week. I also feed him Large Breed Puppy food.

So sad about the car rides, I was a little concerned Molson was going to be like that as our ride home on pick up day he was acting strange but thank god no car sickness. Hopefully Spencer will out grow it as suggested by Kathy.

Comment by Lois - Izzi on January 13, 2013 at 12:35am
ps: I don't like any medication. I believe that the dog does not feel "in touch".... creating anxiety. Izzi has slowly worked this out for herself. The car may be a trip anywhere for short of longer periods of time. They do not expect to always go to the park for example.. or see a Vet.
Comment by Lois - Izzi on January 13, 2013 at 12:23am
Kathy, Izzi had motion sickness for the better part of her first yr and half. In that time frame I would take them both for short trips, as in the drug store that is 4 blocks away or the nearest gas station. Afterwhich I would take them both to the local part to run . Now at 25 months if the travel time is over an hours drive, I make sure she is not excited or needs 'that run' first. I don't feed if the drive is 50/60 minutes, but do on short trips... I also allow her to place herself in the SUV instead keep the dogs in the rear. I think she is outgrowing the problem. I know she travels better.

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