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Help! We need some advice on partially torn cruciates. Abby has been suffering from pain in her hind right knee for quite some time know. She would be a bit limpy after a big run, but it always cleared up by the next day. Lately, it has been taking longer to heal. So we brought her to the vet. Two separate times about a half year apart. They say it is a partially torn cruciate and to keep her off her feet for two weeks (Ha!), and gives us anti-inflammatories and metcam for pain. However, after the second attempt abby's limping again right after the pills were gone. The vet seems hesitant to do the surgery since it isn't a complete tear. I have been looking at Cruciate Care Knee Braces, but even then I wouldn't know who to go with. Does anyone have any advice about the knee braces? It's so difficult to immobilize a soon as she starts feeling a bit better she injures it again.

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Comment by Katie and Abby on November 11, 2018 at 7:17pm

many, lol. I will update 

Comment by DonMarie & Picco on November 11, 2018 at 10:33am

What an ordeal!   I'm sure you will always be worried it will happen again.  Do you have any new photos of her now that she's grown?

Comment by Katie and Abby on November 10, 2018 at 1:47pm

2 year update (incase anyone is going through this right now) - Abby is doing We ended up doing the cruciate surgery, because the limping had gotten so bad that she wasn't using her leg, and the muscle was completely disappearing. We were so scared. She did very well and got through the surgery, but then we started with the rehab which was tough on all of us. Abby couldn't do stairs, which we have all over the house, including going into the back yard. Luckily we have a garage we can go through with a nice low slope so she could still go outside without dealing with stairs. We had to buy a sling to put around her back legs to help support her when she needed to go out, since she was in a cast (and was too weak to hold herself for a long time after the cast was removed). Multiple times a day we were helping abby stretch her leg joints, applying ice compresses and giving massages. She didn't pretty good at leaving her stitches alone, which was good since the scar healed so well. Slowly we started going for walks to the corner. Our vet gave us lots of different exercises and stretches to use as her ability's were coming back. Curb walking, small hills, dancing and figure 8's to name a few. If we noticed increased soreness we'd give her a break and massage more instead. After a few months she was looking pretty good. She definitely had her energy back and was wanting to go for longer walks. After a visit with her vet, she said that it looked like Abby was healthy enough to start doing stairs again. We slowly let her start on the stairs, on her leash to make sure she did them slowly and didn't slip. This seemed to be going well, so we started letting her do the stairs off leash, and sure enough....she was limping again. On the other leg this time. We took her to see her vet and were devastated to hear that her other cruciate had torn. We didn't waste any time getting her into surgery this time around. Her muscles were still strong (because she hadn't been limping on it too long, yet) and we were hoping this would lead to a quicker recovery. Personally, I think it helped. The second leg to get done is certainly stronger. I feel the first leg never fully rehabbed before we had to start keeping her immobile again, and maybe it will just never be as strong. But we are now at a year after Abby has successfully finished her rehab, and she is doing great. She's back at the dog park and running all over the place (which is terrifying for us to watch - but we get through it), playing out back with her sister and pestering for walks morning noon and night :) So while it was a very tough year, physically, emotionally and financially, in the end it was all worth it. 

Comment by DonMarie & Picco on December 1, 2016 at 11:03am

Sorry to hear about this.  Looks like there are some good options. Good luck!

Comment by CJ, Gracie, and Quinn on November 30, 2016 at 3:59pm

I have no experience with this Katie, but I had a feeling I would find info. within the Irish Wolfhound community and I was correct! There are many, many posts addressing a torn cruciate, and from what I read, it seems that there are many success stories with laser therapy and with stem cell therapy. Here are a couple of copy/paste sections from a couple different people, and there is also a link for stem cell article. Best of luck!

"I have seen a variety of treatments and surgerys work and not work. We chose not to do an ACL repair on a young greyhound, we did almost three months of crate rest, and physical therapy. She was able to lure course as an adult, and had very little arthritis in her golden years. I dont believe surgery is always the best option, and it certainly isnt the only option. There are physical therapist vets all across this country, swim therapy, acupuncture, stem cell therapy, and natural pain control with supplements like Boswellia and Glyco Flex and Tumeric/Golden Paste, Cold Laser Therapy, and probably about 16 other things I cant think of right now."

"I did stem cell therapy for my girl on her ACL tear and it was fantastic, something worth thinking about if you have a specialist in your area. 3 legged right before and back on all four the next day... obviously I had to monitor her activity, but it was an amazing treatment and worth looking into...."

Comment by Administrator Jan on November 30, 2016 at 9:19am

I found a post on the Doodle Discussion Forum from debm (one of the long time contributors, level headed sort) -;article=366246...

Definitely sounds like a brace is the best option.

Best wishes!

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