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He was home from Friday to today (Tuesday).  He did really well eating and drinking and peeing over the first two days.  The vet had given us K/d wet canned food as well as the dry food.  Friday & Saturday he couldn't wait for it to get into his bowl.  He'd eat it all, drink a couple cups of water and ask to go outside.  We thought "WOW, he's doing so well.  Maybe he will come out of it ok".

Until Sunday .... he decided not to drink much and refused to eat AGAIN!  I could get him to eat a little if I hand fed him a couple bites, then he'd decide to eat.

By Monday, he wasn't eating anything .... not even hand fed.  He was lethargic and put himself to bed by 8:00 pm.  (He goes to our room and lays in the dark).  Usually he's by us in the living room until we go to bed arouned 11:00.

Today, Tuesday, Doc asked us to come back for a blood draw.  So we went.  He was so dehydrated that the girl could hardly get any blood out.  She poked him about 5 times on one leg and then went to the other.  She finally got just enough blood to test.

The tests weren't good AT ALL!  At his first blood draw, his creatinine was 4 or 5 - Not good.  Friday when we brought him home, it was 3.9.  Doc was hoping for at least a 3.0.  Today, his bloodwork showed 6.7!!!!  He had been very active at home - running and playing outside.  Doc said heavy exercise like that increases the creatinine levels.  So that might be why it's so bad today.

We decided to leave Gizmo at the clinic for a few hours today so they could pump more fluids in.  We will pick him up later. We have to bring him back in on Friday for another blood test.

That will tell us what we need to do.  We are not making any solid decisions at this point.  We have to give him every chance we can.  That being said, we will not allow him to suffer. 

We are broken hearted that this should happen to our fur baby.  He has been such a good "therapy" dog for us with Terry's illness.  I'll let you all know what happens on Friday.  Please pray that we will have the strength to do the right thing for Gizmo.

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Comment by Grace and Pemon The Gentle Giant on October 6, 2017 at 12:08am

Jo the important thing right now is that you are making Gizmo happy and giving him all your love.  I am getting so tired of all the sickness and death going on in this world and pray to GOD for it to stop.

Love ya kiddo and hi to Terry.

Comment by Jo Bill on October 5, 2017 at 9:49pm

Sorry about not updating more often.  I've had a minor surgery, so it's been a bit hectic here.  Gizmo seems to be doing well.  He's playing like a puppy, eating when I coax him and sometimes on his own, but his water intake is not what I had hoped.  He drinks between approx 3-6 cups of water a day.  He's peeing a lot.  He's even back to being "naughty" ... i.e. stealing pillows off the couch when we won't pay attention to him.  He has become very loving.  He lays his head on our knees and insists we pet him.  He has become a velcro dog.

Tomorrow, Friday Oct 6th, we go back for blood work.  Hopefully we'll get good numbers.  Last time they weren't where we wanted them yet, but they were down from the last time.  We are looking at his kidney function (something he & Terry have in common).  This is not curable, but hopefully we won't have to make a hard decision just yet.  It is inevitable, though, so we try to prepare ourselves.  I'll let you all  know more later.

Comment by Laura , Marley and Oliver on October 5, 2017 at 9:31pm
I've also been wondering about Gizmo and Jo. Sending prayers and love.
Comment by CJ, Gracie, and Quinn on October 5, 2017 at 5:35pm

Have been dealing with more major health issues with Quinn and haven't been back to check on Gizmo. I am so sorry to be reading this, and I agree with you, Grace, I am concerned that there has been no news. Sending love and strength...  

Comment by Grace and Pemon The Gentle Giant on October 4, 2017 at 9:04pm

P.S.  We are all here for you, Terry and Gizmo.

Love you kiddo

From the Crouse House

Comment by Grace and Pemon The Gentle Giant on October 4, 2017 at 9:01pm

I'm really concerned because we haven't heard from Jo in awhile.  Still praying that Gizmo is OK.  Jo please let us hear from you. 

Comment by Pedro & Alessandra on October 4, 2017 at 4:32pm

We've been thinking of you sweet Gizmo, Jo and Terry. Be strong little boy! We love you so much. Sending positive healing thoughts and loving paws!

Comment by Laurie, Jackson and Delilah on October 2, 2017 at 5:21pm

Praying, praying and praying some more....much love from our Doodle house to yours!!!

Comment by Suz on September 30, 2017 at 4:59pm
So sorry! Prayers for Gizmo!
Comment by Grace and Pemon The Gentle Giant on September 29, 2017 at 2:11pm

Jo, I'm praying everything will be better today.  Please let us know how you make out.  We love Gizmo almost as much as you.  You will make the right decision when the time comes.  Big Hugs and Kisses from the Crouse House.

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