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People really did read my blog!!! thank you. And thank you for all the wonderful things you've said about us and our dogs........ and your puppies. As Zeitel's last litter leaves us I am reminded once again why we do what we do. Doodle People ( spelled YOU) are the best. As we say goodby to our Zeitel pups we are saying hello to yet another group of wonderful friends.

Sadly this is Zeitel's last litter. She has only had 3 litters but she is 7 now and we don't want to ask for anything more than her companionship now. Those of you who know her know that she is our BigMamaDood....... she takes very good care of her pack and keeps everyone in line around here. If an older pup/dog gets too rough with any of our babies she gives a growl. If they don't listen she stands up and leans over them with a growl............. and they listen for sure!! She will stay with us forever and will always be our First Dood.

We have also just bred Truffles for another Halloween litter! No Jeff...... the pups from her last litter are long gone............ except for the ones we've kept to add to our breeding program. This coming litter is mostly sold also....... if you're interested let us know soon as we're now putting names on a waiting list until we know how many we'll have. She was bred once again to Moki ( see his picture on Colleen's blog response.. or on our web site) This will be their third litter with Moki and we've decided the pups are perfect so why mess around with a good thing by trying another stud. Moki just returned to Colleen after having fun with Truffles.......... and terrorizing poor Mister Magoo...... our young wannabee stud (and also Truffles and Moki's son!!! His day will come.

We've added a really sweet little boy to our program....... once he passes his testing with flying colors............ Birch is a mini ...... son of Yuki and Oliver. A beautiful little boy with the sweetest nature. We are hoping he'll be the beginning of our "parti" doodles....... along with Tashii who lives for now in Colorado with our daughter and son-in-law, Michala and Ben.......... and with her new sib, Yuki!! Yes, Yuki has taken early retirement to romp around in the Rockies with Michala, Ben, and Tashii........ a fitting wedding present. We'll miss her beautiful babies......... but Whimsy, Moki, and Birch will carry on her legacy of DelightfulDoods!

I'm sure there is more news to share but I must run...... time to bath puppies for our new friends. Best, Judith

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