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Do I really have a blog!!! now I'm going to have to figure out what a blog really is!!!

I think it means that I get to talk and others get to listen if they want to........ and share back!! I think I'll be fine if the Conflicker doesn't get me!!

hhmmmmmm ....... now what to share?? We're located up here in the Green Mountains of Vermont and have been working for about 5 years on developing what we think are some pretty special dogs. We are especially interested in advanced generation breeding which has seemed to work well for us as our puppy families have been very happy with our pups and they are usually spoken for well before they are born.

Now that we have worked hard to have generations of tested dogs we're having fun working with some color traits and I invite you to meet Mister Magoo ..... my signature picture. We also have a couple of surprises up our sleeve...... to be announced at a later date. For now ......... hello to those of you that I've met before and hello to you new friends out there........ hope to meet you soon. I'm looking forward to hearing news of lots of other breeder programs. Bye for now. Judith

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Comment by Judith Peabody on May 12, 2009 at 9:41pm
Check out . that's us! You might want to consider Mister Magoo with his phantom markings ....... and I think he is parti factored. I will be compleltling his testing this summer.......... he's F3 GD.......... his mama is Truffles F1B (PennHip 95%)and his father is Mochacino (PH 80% (Moki) F3 GD.
If the testing works out I'd consider a breeding in exchange for a pick puppy as I've been trying to bring in some parti coloring to my program........... your Bella is pretty darn cute!
Comment by Vicky Mueller on May 12, 2009 at 4:26pm
Hi Judith and Mister answer your question, my Bella is a beautiful Tuxedo Parti Poodle. She is a standard and is 11 months old. She is sooooo smart and sooooo gentle. We love her to pieces. And NO I am not a breeder but she is going to be bread in the fall with a Doodle, not sure who yet...but the babies will be amazing. I love your Magoo!!!! So adorable. Do you have a site for your breeding program?

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