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We have a 3 and a half month old goldendoodle.. I haven't tried anything with him off the leash because he seems to just want to get to every and any person/dog he sees and so I'm afraid if I take him off the leash then he'll just take off and I won't be able to get him to come back because he just focuses on who he sees and wants to get to. Any advice?


Also, I'm dying to go to the beach but I'm not sure if its okay to take him. He's still young so I'm not sure about that. At the beach I'd go to you're allowed to take dogs and everybody's dogs are off leash which I'm fine with, I just wish that we could take Duke off the leash and not worry about him going off to other people. How old was your puppy when you started taking them to the beach? and also, I'm thinking about leaving him home until he's a little older, but how old was your puppy when you left them home for more than like.. 4 hours?

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Comment by Jan, Lily & Nessy on April 11, 2011 at 5:45am

Agree with Laurie - wait until fully vaccinated and trained to come reliably.  You might want to start an obedience class to help with the training part.


As for leaving puppy alone - generally I think people say 1 hour in the crate for every month of age, so a 3.5 month old pup should be OK for about 3.5 hours...  For what it's worth, my first dog, Lily, had to be left home alone in her crate for close to 9 hours when she was 6 months old (I had to attend a funeral a hundred miles away).  She was fine, but then she loves her crate anyway.

Comment by Laurie, Nug & Puk on April 10, 2011 at 9:15pm

First I did not take my guys to any public place where there were other dogs until they were fully vaccinated. They have not built up all their immunities until the series of vaccines have been done.

As for training. Get a 15 foot lead or rope and start teaching Duke now how to come when called. Start off somewhere quiet and then go to areas that have distractions. The first couple of times as soon as you say come, give a quick tug on his lead. When he comes to you praise him like crazy and give him a treat. This takes time, but well worth the effort, especially since you want to go to the beach with him.

Good Luck and have fun with it, make it a special bonding time for the both of you.

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