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Just wanting to share the fun we are having with a new game... Nose Work! Wolfhound, Hazel, was our motivation. She is a very fearful girl and along with all the things we have been doing to socialize her, it was suggested that we try nose work, so we did, and of course what one does, we all do! So Dwayne is handling Gracie and I am handling Hazel and we are all having a great time. After years of agility and obedience training, it took Gracie a bit to realize that we weren't going to be giving her any cues or commands--she is on her own, but she figured it out quickly and is loving the hunt! We are now on our second session and the pups are just being introduced to the scent of birch, and we are looking forward to entering some trials down the road.

I anyone else doing nose work with their dood?? 

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Comment by Laurie, Jackson and Delilah on November 9, 2019 at 11:59am

WooHoo.....welcome to the world of Nose Work.....fair warning however, it is very addicting.  I have been doing it with our two, Jackson and Delilah for a couple years.  Jackson, loves the game, but will never compete.  He is far too nervous to handle being in the car, in a crate, for the duration of the trial except for searching or potty breaks.  Delilah, is my rock star however as nothing bothers her (except the particular hide that may be on a rake, that just might attack you!!!!!)  Our favorite organization is NACSW and that is where we trial most.  Three weeks ago she earned her NW3 Elite title and I am so proud, as well as having heart palpatations for doing our first Elite trial!!!!!  Enjoy every moment, compete or not it is a wonderful confidence builder and total bonding experience with your dog.  May I ask where you are training?  If I remember correctly you are in PA and we happen to hail from Western NY and I have done many trials in PA!!!!!!!!!!!!!  Good luck!!!!

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