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So mom and dad are installing new carpet on our patio. They had talked about just finishing the concrete so it would not be slippery when we got out of the pool, but thought it would be better it there was indoor/outdoor carpet so in the summer it won't be hot on my feet. They tell me that the summer temps here in AZ be over 100 degrees. I am excited cause that will be more swimming for me. 

Well while the carpet is being installed, I have had to stay inside so that I don;t get into the glue and other fun looking stuff, as well I can't just go swim like I usually do.  It has been hard cause I usually have the freedom to go in and out of the doggie door whenever. 

This morning dad walked me outside to take care of my business. He got busy picking up my business from yesterday so I saw that as the perfect time to jump into the pool.. Awe the ice cold water, oh how I have missed you. Well, once dad caught me I thought it was a game, so I raced through the doggie door soaking wet and raced through the house... HEHEHE  Mom was not up yet so I knew it was just dad and I to sort this out. I decided to just really put on the cute fun face to keep from being in trouble.It worked... Dad chuckled and when mom got up and saw the wet carpet she just smiled and shook her head.. So this time I got away with it..

Now the carpet man is here and I have been watching him put down the glue and the carpet. It should refinished today and life as I know it will be back to normal. Doggie dog at will and even a swim or two..

Gotta love this Arizona weather in the winter.. Sorry friends who are buried in snow.. I will send you a little warm sunshine..

Hugs and slobbers,


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Comment by Debbie & Trixie on January 26, 2014 at 9:16am

Oh, Harrison!!  That sounds like SO much fun!!  I wish I had been there to help you play Keep Away with your dad AND to swim!  It's pretty cold here, so no swimming for now, but we do get to play in the snow which is just about as much fun!!  Love, Cousin Trixie

Comment by Lois - Izzi on January 25, 2014 at 3:25pm

smiles of the morning... as i picture you and dad working things out..  lol

Comment by Beverly and Eli on January 25, 2014 at 3:11pm

Harrison, that's a great story and I love how you just use "the look" to make things right and funny! How wonderful that you have a doggie door and get to swim lots. Swimming doesn't even sound like a good idea for us right now 'cause it's snowing. But I can just imagine how good the cool water feels in the warm Arizona weather! Your friend, Eli.

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