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Ok Gang .... we couldn't take it anymore.  We miss Gizmo so much.  Our house is quiet and HUGE without him.  He wasn't noisy and he wasn't too big for our house ... he just "was".

So, we found a breeder about 2 hours away from us in Michigan.  It is Heart of Goldendoodles.  They are having a litter of F1b Goldendoodles in a couple weeks.  We are 3rd on the list to pick and our doodle will come home around the end of March.  That is exactly when we wanted to get one.  We are very excited and can't wait for the cuddles and training to begin.  We learned so much with Gizmo.  We hope we won't make the same mistakes.  LOL

Now I have a new question.  We didn't crate Gizmo, but want to do so with this least for the first few months of his new life.  First, what size crate should I get if we're only going to use it till he's 9 mo-1 yr old?  I know we can get the kind with the divider, but don't know if we have to get the full size crate or if we can go a little smaller since it won't be a forever thing.  Our plan is to use the crate until we can "trust" him to roam more.  I think Gizmo was about 6-9 months old when we tested him to roam.  He did great.

And #2: I want to get a harness for him so we can take him for rides in the car.  We're planning on getting the seat belt attachment to keep him safe on the backseat.  We allowed Gizmo to roam in the back part of the SUV and it was not safe and it was a PAIN!  He would get up and turn around and actually chase cars as they passed us. Goofy boy!  Soooooo .... how big of a harness should I get for an 8 week old puppy?  I know he'll outgrow it. We'd like to have it to bring him home.  I have one for a 50# dog that I bought for Gizmo and kept, but he never used it.

Any help or suggestions will be appreciated.  Gizmo will always have my heart, but my heart has room for another.

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Comment by DonMarie & Picco on January 23, 2018 at 9:01am

First of all, the videos are precious!   I had lost a dog years ago and told myself to wait about a month or so to get another. The following weekend I scanned the newspaper and picked up a new pup!  You just have to follow your heart!

Don't worry, you won't make the same mistakes but you'll find new ones!  You might be able to find used small crates but a divider is a good idea.  We had a too big crate for Picco as a pup.

I wonder if you crate him in the back of the car for a while?

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