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Well, we FINALLY was able to bring our new fur-baby home.  He is an F1b Goldendoodle - Dad is a Goldendoodle, Mom is a Poodle.  We named him Murphy.  He is sweet, playful and very smart.  He is a lover puppy.  

Our biggest challenges are potty training & puppy biting.  He is really catching on to the "no bite", but potty training has been exhausting!  We finally decided to keep him crated for most of the time, take him out to "potty, potty, potty", then play for 15-20 min, then repeat.  It has worked well so far.  The crate is in the living room with us until bedtime.  Then he gets moved to our room in his crate with his snuggle puppy (with the heartbeat that our breeder gave to us).  He gets up again anywhere between 4am -6am.  He does go back into the crate until I get up around 7am-8am.  This is the first time we've crate trained.  Gizmo had his "condo" (our laundry room).

Some of the training we used with Gizmo works and some things have to be tweeked to fit Murphy's personality.  He knows commands like: sit; Murphy come (when I say it); go tell grandpa (after he goes potty; he runs to grandpa's recliner that has the footrest part way down and climbs up); in the house (from outside); potty, potty, potty; get the bells or ring the bells; food; no; no bite; uh-uh; in the crate; leave it.  He loves to watch tv, especially if balls are concerned. He occupies himself with his toys and plays with us.  He sits, without being told to do so, when I put his food down.  He lays or sits on the floor watching me when I get his food into his bowl.  All this and we've only had him for 2 weeks as of today.  He is now 9 weeks old, weighed 11.6# a week ago when we took him to the vet and is growing more every day.  He is expected to be between 45-55#.  Gizmo was between 70-75#, and even hit 80# at one point, as an adult.

Our breeder, Kelli Knochel, was great!  See Heart of Goldendoodles on FB.  She loved her pups and was sad to see them go, but also happy that they were going to good homes. She was selective in who she let the pups go to.  The Sire & Dam and the puppies were all tested for 57 different potential diseases/hereditary problems.  She gives a 2 year health guarantee, microchips the puppies, removes dew claws and tries to teach them to ring bells for potty.

We are so happy to have this sweetie and look forward to more training.  I hope to post pics & videos as often as I can. (He takes a lot of time and energy).

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Comment by Karen Hall on April 28, 2018 at 11:38am

Welcome Murphy! I am so glad to see that you got another doodle!

I just joined this site last night because I ran across your post from 2011 when Gizmo had the 'zoomies', nipping, jumping, etc.  When I read your post, I had to take a step back because I honestly thought I had written it myself!  Riley is 6 months now and I am experiencing the EXACT same issues with her as you did with Gizmo!  My hands look horrible and I have many torn clothes.  I stay at home all day and she sleeps at my feet (so sweet!) but early morning and around 6-8 at night, she goes crazy wild!

We hired a professional trainer (Bark Busters) and we have been trying to follow their program but nothing we do works for Riley!  They have a special harness called the WaggWalker and it does a great job at calming her down some but when I 'check' her (pulling back on the harness to get her attention), her 'temper tantrum' only escalates and she starts getting more aggressive.  I am now trying to leave the room for 10 seconds and I make her sit before I will come out.  I tried this a couple of months ago but didn't stay consistent with it as Bark Busters did not really want us to use this tactic.

We are desperately trying to find that one thing that works with Riley!  We have just recently started trying to socialize her and I tried doggie day care, we took her to the beach and our neighbors brought their dog over a couple of days.  But...we stressed the poor thing too death and we are just now trying to get over the 'stress diarrhea'!  

Riley absolutely LOVED running in the sand on the beach!  The problem was that she hasn't learned how to run on a leash yet so she keeps jumping up in front of us or grabs hold of the leash and tries to chew on it.  We bought a 30' leash to see if that would help and she took off just a flying!  But she kept getting twisted up in the leash because we weren't beside her so she kept trying to run back and forth.

Also, our first trip to the beach, she would not go potty!  There were so many smells and that was the first time she had been on a trip so we had a hard time getting her to potty while we were gone.  She peed in our camper 3 times that weekend!  We took her back last weekend and she did a little better but she had the 'stress diarrhea' so we had that to deal with.  We did find one spot that she would potty at so needless to say, we visited that area quite frequently!

Any advice?  She can be the sweetest, loving puppy but then she can be one more 'devil dog'!  The main issues we are dealing with now are:

Jumping, nipping/biting, countersurfing

She knows sit, stay, down, drop it, (learning off), free (come) but we need to work more on all of these!  

Thanks in advance for all the input!  I am going to LOVE this site!  This is Riley now!  She gets her first grooming (cut) on Monday...I am trying to decide on the cut?  I love her fluffiness and softness now but I'm afraid she will be extremely hot with summer coming up?  Any ideas?

Comment by Jan, Lily & Nessy on April 9, 2018 at 9:06am

Sounds like Murphy is fitting in well, and stolen your heart!

And what a cutie!

So glad for all of you!

Comment by DonMarie & Picco on April 8, 2018 at 6:53pm

Cute! Cute! Cute!  Welcome to our community Murphy!  We hope to follow you as you grow!  Such a handsome pup in that red bowtie!

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