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My mom hasn't posted any new pictures of me because she's too busy looking at all the other great pictures and reading all these blogs. I played at the football field tonight with my friend Indy. Indy runs like the 'windy' and a few months ago I thought I could never beat her to the ball, but...I'm getting faster. Gonna blow her doors off next time we meet up. Look out Indy...I'm practicing!

This week I met a new golden pup called Maple. She came to play at my house and her teeth were sharp. My teeth are all roundy and smooth now, so I don't tick of the old-timers any more.

Oh, tonight I dug a hole under the neighbour's fence. They had a 7 month old boxer visiting and it wasn't allowed to come over and play. His mom said he was a 'runner' . Mom's gotta fix the hole tomorrow - maybe throw some grass seed in it. You go mom!

I'm gonna crash in the big bed for a while tonight. My people let me have a turn there. I love feathers, I love ducks, I love fuzzy little kitties and squirrels. Did somebody say squirrel!

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Comment by Natasha LaValley on June 26, 2010 at 2:49am
Aww I love reading about Gracies days! Ahh to be a dog :)

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