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HI. I found this page looking for some help for Luke's skin allergies. He's a 2nd generation goldendoodle, and he's already having grain free food, and I've been  switching from lamb, to duck, and now fish. I read that tap water can be bad too for allergies, Any idea? 

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Comment by Lorie & Piper on July 30, 2017 at 2:50pm
Earthborn Holistic Grain Free Great Plains Feast & scoop of Dinovite powder & mix with lukewarm water to make a gravy(not hot water, as it will kill the supplement ingredients)...Malaseb Medicated Shampoo...Zymox Otic Enzymatic Solution (with or without Hydrocortisone)(Be sure it's the solution, not the ear cleaner) a must have for hairy & floppy eared dogs, safe to use on a regular basis as maintenance, we use once every other week to keep infection away. Everything can be ordered at, but for the supplemental powder. This food is a quality low carbohydrate dry dog food that our doodle loves...Limit treats to high protein...don't feed any additional carbs & no to shampoo with oatmeal, as it will feed the yeast.
Comment by Laura , Marley and Oliver on May 19, 2017 at 6:46pm
We use the raw unprocessed honey too. Must be in a 50 mile radius of where you live. Good luck !
Comment by Harrison, Brodie & Kris on May 17, 2017 at 9:52pm

Honey has all the local allergens in it. Given on a regular basis the dogs immune system builds up an anti body to the allergens. We live in AZ and there are so many allergens, it helped both boys.. You can search on the internet for more information. Humans take as well.  We also use coconut oil in their food. Makes their skin nice and their fur shinny and soft. Both boys swim and the chlorine can be harsh. The coconut oil also helps eliminate odor, bad breath and reduces tarter.  Check it out on the internet as well. Both are natural.. No pills  :)

Comment by Angela on May 17, 2017 at 8:19pm

Right now I'm using a hypoallergenic shampoo that I bought at the Vet, so I know is not that. He was taking prednisone  pills, but right after it finished the prescription, allergies came back. But,why honey from a local hive? 

Comment by Harrison, Brodie & Kris on May 15, 2017 at 11:27pm

Honey worked for us.  raw honey from a local hive within 50 miles of your home. Add it to their food. Takes  a few weeks but it worked for us. No more scratching, licking or biting. Our boys our 100 pounds and we give 2 tablespoons a day.. they love it..

Comment by DonMarie & Picco on May 15, 2017 at 9:31am

What are you using for shampoo? Oatmeal based shampoos cut down on itching and also a vinegar rinse can help.  I use Ikara comfort shampoo & nurture conditioner.

Some people add local honey to food every day.

Watch treats too. I buy natural dog biscuits, make my own or I give him real foods, never any processed food products.

It wouldn't hurt to use filtered water.  There are chlorine & fluoride sensitives (I'm one of those people).

It's so hard to track down allergies and sensitivities. It's best to eliminate everything you can then add back gradually giving 3-4 days for any reaction before trying something else - hope this helps!

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