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Luke has a problem that I don't know how to fix!

Seems like all I do is ask for help with Luke, and it seems like I need some advice one more time.  Let me say, beyond the puppy biting, barking and jumping, he is the best, most well-behaved and sweetest dog ever!

First, a little background.  I also have a very sweet teenage grandson that joined in the countdown for Luke coming and could hardly wait.  The first time he came down to meet him a couple weeks ago, he got down on the floor and played, but nothing out of the ordinary and nothing rough.  All of a sudden it was like a switch turned inside Luke and he started barking, running, biting, (NOT puppy nips), scratching and grabbing at anything he could reach.  He was no longer playing, but totally out of control and didn't even hear me trying to talk to him.  I finally got him into his crate and sat down next to him with the door open, talked to him softly and petted him gently, to try to settle him down.  His little heart was racing and he was breathing so rapidly, I really expected him to explode.  It took 3 or 4 hours before he was anywhere close to normal.  The next morning he appeared to be fine, but after not ever having more than a couple accidents in the house, he had no control of his bladder and didn't even realize he was going all over the carpet.  After that day, he was back to normal..

Andrew wanted to come back so I told him he could have no contact with Luke.  Ignore him as much as possible and stay away from him - no playing at all!  He didn't even touch him and within 30 minutes, Luke was in the same shape he was the first time.  It took just as long to bring him back and the next day, he had no control over his bladder.  Next day he was fine and still is. 

Like I have said before, I am trying so hard to socialize Luke, there have been a lot of people in and out of the house, but this has only happened the two times Andrew was there.  If anybody has any ideas, I would really appreciate some help!  Thanks...

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Comment by Administrator Jan on September 30, 2012 at 1:19pm

I wonder if it isn't something odd like the scent of the fabric softener used on Andrew's clothes...

The first incident was odd, but getting down on the floor and playing with a puppy at eye level isn't always the best idea.  Since Andrew didn't do that the second time, I'm really wondering if it isn't a scent or something...  Remember - dog's have very sensitive noses...

You could test this hypothesis by borrowing a couple of pieces of Andrew's clothing - 1 that has not been worn, just laundered, and the 2nd would be one that has been well worn and has Andrew's scent.

If Luke responds to the freshly laundered item, then you know it's something about the smell from his clothes.  If Luke only reacts to the worn item - then you still don't know it's Andrew's scent or the shampoo/soap/other scent that causes the reaction.  If Luke doesn't respond to Andrew's clothing (either one), then perhaps it is something Andrew is doing without realizing???   (Or his shoes, or heaven knows...)  Once the clothes/scent have been eliminated from the list, then a closer look at body language (eyes included)...

Sorry you're going through this, how frustrating!

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