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Looking for a 2year old doodle blond

I live in Mexico on the beach where this animal will have plenty of companionship and an incredible environment with lots of water activity and open space. Cannot be an abused rescue dog because there are too many other animals and people for phobias. I live an active people filled lifestyle and have bred dogs, birds, cows, etc. ANIMALS and I are one but I maintain disciplined, happy animals. Would like to know if perhaps a breeder may be looking for that special placement for an animal that may not fit in their breeding plan but is a good champoin quality conformation. Female can be allowed a breeding prior to spaying glad to offer all but one of the litter. I am looking more for a large standard poodle conformation. The long neck is particularly attractive. Good protective sense but easy in a crowd. This animal will be with me for the rest of its long life. I am willing to spend time to find the right dog and to prepare a home for him that will be one of love and mutual benefit for a two year old who needs an adoring owner.



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Comment by Andrea O'Brien on June 27, 2010 at 6:56pm
I'll pick you up on my way down Sharon! Ann, I just wanted to do a quick reply for now. I see your invite to Skype etc., but I am going to head out for a while and if I have a chance will get back to you then...thanks for the reply!! Am anxious to hear about your what-sounds-to-be a lovely lifestyle.
Comment by Sharon Gillis on June 27, 2010 at 10:21am
Mexico - on the beach!!! Even a couple of weeks with this lifestyle sounds REALLY good to me!!! I think Andrea and I should bth come fo a nice getaway!!!!! And , of course, bring the Doods!!! -)
Comment by m a Metcalfe on June 26, 2010 at 2:56pm
Just write me Andrea, if you give me a number I will call you ( if you have skype .com that is best!)and I will sign you up! Tell me as much as you can about what you think you want besides year round sunshine, pure air, crystal clear healing salt water, abundant seafood and organic produce and gorgeous open spaces desert, mountains and beachfront in a wide range of prices and settings from 5 star resort hotels and condos to rustic pastoral lots. I am a real Estate broker here for 17 years in Los Cabos, BCS, Mexico [ that is my personal email].
Comment by Andrea O'Brien on June 25, 2010 at 10:11pm
Ann, I thought that living on a hobby farm sounded fun. Living on the beach in Mexico with all those pets sounds like a dream. Where do I sign up! :) From all the way up in cold Canada. Andrea

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