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We're having a blast with Leo now that the snow is almost gone and the weather has been really nice BUT I'm having a loooot of trouble with him pulling and pulling and bitting the leash. He's getting bigger and hard to handle. Inside the house he's an angel but once I open the door to get him outside he begin running and sniffing like crazy lol ... any tips that I can work with him, because I think he's frustrated or maybe I'm the one who's frustrated I don't know lol so if guys can help me it will be really grateful :D
Thank you !

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Comment by Administrator Jan on March 15, 2014 at 12:30am

Ok, well to be honest, the training class I was thinking about is more about training you to train your dog.  So the drop off training class isn't going to help teach you what you need to do to improve your relationship and control over your puppy.  Besides, if you aren't there, how do you know what they are doing to your puppy?  There are some seriously aggressive training techniques that can have very negative effects on the poor dog.  Please read: The other end of the leash by Patricia McConnell (animal behaviorist):

Comment by Rose on March 12, 2014 at 10:52pm

A prong collar with the leash tied around your waste, will make for the most enjoyable walk you'll ever have.   :)   I just made a similar comment on another post after having the best walk with Molly I think I've ever had.  I think prong collars must have been made in heaven.  Make sure the collar sits as high as possible on the neck. 

Comment by Laura , Marley and Oliver on March 12, 2014 at 9:50pm
We use a gentle lead , I believe it is called. Marley would pull , as soon we put it on him ! What a difference, you can hold the lead with one finger. He just turned 8 months and people can't believe how well he behaves, they think he is older. Been using it for about 2 months. Also he can get really excited when we have company , all I have to do is put on the gentle lead itself, and what a difference, after a few minutes I can take it off and he knows to behave.
Comment by Carla and Leo on March 12, 2014 at 11:30am
Thank you everyone for your suggestions :). I enrolled Leo an a puppy class that is 4 times a week for a month. I just have to dropp him off at 9 and pick him up at 5, I hope this works I know Leo is pretty smart :) I most be doing something wrong, and sometimes I can get really anxious lol ... Let see
Comment by Beverly and Eli on March 12, 2014 at 7:06am

Good advice Jan and Kris. I would only add train him NOW. As he gets bigger it gets a little more difficult! Eli is quite good on the leash as we've been walking him since he was little.

Comment by Administrator Jan on March 12, 2014 at 6:51am

I would suggest you sign up for a group training class.   If possible, try to preview the trainer in action and look for positive reinforcement techniques rather than power struggle techniques (a happy dog will go with the program, a scared /intimidated one will too, but the happy one does it to please you and you'll strengthen your bond).

Make walking on leash fun (treats work well for this).  When he gets ahead of you, change directions.  At times you won't make any "progress" at all (in terms of going anywhere except in circles), but that's ok.  Leo needs to learn to pay attention to you, and to let you lead.

As for devices that help control strong puppies - the gentle leader head harness is one, and then there is also a gentle leader body harness that connects to the leash in front of the dog (not behind on the back - that type encourages pulling). also makes a body harness that I like called the Sens-ible, ( the Gentle leader is a copy-cat version - a trainer told me she found the Sens-ible to be more effective because of the way it is made.  I like the sensible because if it gets damaged, I can mail it in to be fixed for $5 including return shipping).   The idea with the front connected body harness is that if the dog pulls way ahead of you, they find themselves turned around facing you - pretty darn effective!  Back to the head harness - some dogs really are bothered by those, and I don't use the ones I bought anymore because my dogs kept trying to wipe them off their faces on the ground ($20 down the tubes).

Nipping at the leash is corrected by distractions.  Make him sit, give him a treat for a good sit. If you do this consistently, and he doesn't stop trying to mouth the leash, try Bitter Apple or other product that tastes bad (sold at pet stores).

I really do suggest getting into a basic obedience class a.s.a.p. though, as a good trainer can help you see what your dog is doing, why they are doing it, and what you can do to change the bad behaviors and reinforce the good ones.

Comment by Harrison, Brodie & Kris on March 12, 2014 at 12:49am

We had the same issue with Harrison so we had a trainer come to the house. She gave us the following advice which worked out great..

She told us to not use a harness when we walk. Give him a little slack in his leash and if he pulls yank the leash back hard. She said that we need to make him responsible for his actions. We worked with the trainer for about an hour. She told us to only walk short distances in the beginning instead of a long walk. It is better if you walk several short walks a day working on not pulling then a long walk. We have no trouble with Harrison now. If he pulls I yank the leash back hard and he stops. I then give him slack in the leash and he walks good. On the occasion that he doesn't want to listen or mind, we circle around and try it again. He walks right next to me on my right side. When I stop he sits immediately. He is 9 months old and does so well that we can take him to stores  and out to dinner with us. The trainer told us that we would never be able to yank hard enough to hurt Harrison, she was right. 

Be patient and keep working at it. Goldendoodles are very smart and catch on pretty quick. 

Hope this helps...

Hugs and slobbers,

Harrison's mom

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