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I had Molly weighed yesterday and was shocked to see that she now weighs 58.2 lbs.  She's 36 weeks old. (or 8 months old last week).   I checked a doodle graph which is telling me that at her age she would be between 78% to 85%  of her mature weight.  Doing the math that would mean that she is expected to weigh between 68 and 75 lbs. when full grown.  

Is there a shut-off switch on these dudes?  :)   

Here's a photo of Molly a few weeks ago. 

FYI I was in the middle of giving her a scissor cut.  Which by the way took 4 sessions to complete.  She walked around for 2 days with one ear longer than the other.    :)

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Comment by Beverly and Eli on June 21, 2013 at 6:27am

Growing and beautiful! You were brave to attempt a cut on your own. I've been contemplating that but think  will opt for a groomer. Eli is so wiggly.  I do trim around his eyes when he's settled otherwise I don't think he would be able to see.

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