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Jorja: Look out folks, we have a live one here!

So it’s been more than a week since we brought Sweet Jorja Brown home to our house and to her older sister Gracie (1.5 yrs) and, I’ve wanted to send a report to this site after each silly thing that has happened, but...I haven’t had time! J   Go figure.

Jorja is a rocket.  A little live wire.  A bundle of joyous fluff and vinegar!

This brown pup is saucy and energetic.  She is totally self confident and has mastered all of our stairs starting on day one.  She is very sure of herself.  And we have laughed at her antics all week long.  She is a thief of footwear; she snaps her teeth like a crocodile, has the bite pressure of a pit bull, she talks and makes great noises.  She has great puppy breath and soft fur, cuddles like a baby and fits right into our home.  She’s something else!

With Gracie:  Jorja loves her big sister and playtime is never ending.  In fact, one instigates the other and we have had to kennel them a few times for being so rambunctious.  They get overtired and one won’t let the other settle.  So, they have played hard and slept hard. 

Gracie baits Jorja with toys by literally dangling them in front of the pup’s nose.  Jorja chases and Gracie runs like heck (with the toy). Although Jorja gets turns with the toys, Gracie seems to see the boss of those, for now.   

Wrestling has developed over the week where the two of them roll around on the floor, Gracie holds Jorja between her front paws and they talk and moan and groan and snap teeth and roll all over. Gracie sounds like a seal and she does most of the talking but Jorja does a little too.  It sounds so sad and forlorn – in wonder what they are saying.  Jorja chews the fur on Gracie’s face and bites into her lips with those tenacious teeth and Gracie just handles her rather gently to get her free from the death bite.  There have been a few moments where one of them will cry out like they’ve hurt each other but they kind of do a self check to make sure all is ok.  A few times Jorja will make a little whimper, Gracie steps back from her and looks at us as if to see “I didn’t mean to?  I dunno what happened!”  They have a ball.  I think they will be the best for friends and that Gracie is the best big sister, ever.

With Isidore the cat:  I think he is stressing a little.  It took him a year to get over the introduction of Gracie, and now, we’re back to square one!  Poor Izzy!  If Jorja gets a hold of him (and she does a few times a day), she just pulls him by the fur and jumps on him.  Bits of cat fur all over the house and he is looking a little rumpled.  Oops. Sorry Izzy.

With Food:  Jorja is a foody!!! Neither Gracie nor Isidore are extreme food lovers but Jorja is for sure.  Holy cow!  A few times by accident she has had access to Gracie’s bowl and she just snarfs up whatever she can get hold of.  One day she walked (all four paws) right thru the big water dish, to get to Gracie’s bowl. We are trying to feed Gracie outside just to be sure that Jorja isn’t getting any extras.  When Jorja first came here, she felt a little hollow and perhaps was underweight a little but now she feels a little more solid, and we are feeding her 4 times a day to equal her daily allotment, so we know she is not starving.  Hopefully she will settle down with regards to food, sometime in the future.  Does anyone know I we should be nipping this in the bud or handling her food issues in a particular way?


Kennel:  We have both kennels in our bedroom and this works best.  (Definitely a faux pas on the home decorating network). The last few nights Jorja has slept thru to 6am but prior to that we were up a few times a night to go piddle.  She seems to like her personal space.  She has some nice blankets and her hot water bottle and she used to have a few stuffed toys but Gracie took care of that in very short order.  When we go to let the girls out, we take Jorja first and pick her right up to whisk her outside...Gracie follows behind on her own, slips into J’s kennel and takes out the toys and hides them downstairs.  We’ve put them back a few times but for whatever reason Gracie doesn’t like her to have them in there.

Potty Training:  This is going really well!  Jorja was already a pro on day one.  As soon as we bring her out she assumes ‘duty’ position and does her piddles.  She has had a few little pee accidents in the house but only when we weren’t on our game after a big wrestling match etc.  We have had no poop accidents inside.  So in no time she will have it mastered.  For her...easy pee-sy! 

Outside:  She loves it outdoors and we take her to the field where Gracie plays Frisbee.  Jorja joins, runs, chases and even has retrieved the Frisbee.  She comes when she is called and runs as fast as she can.  She’ll jump at my legs when she wants me to pick her up for a break but in no time flat her little legs are mock running and she is squiggling and talking telling me to let her down.

With us:  Jorja is wonderful.  She is sooo cute and fluffy and soft.  She will cuddle if she’s tired.  She does some kisses.  She loves all of us and any other people who come to see her.  We love her to bits!! 

That’s the end of my bragging about Jorja Blog.  Thanks to everyone who has asked about her.  It’s fun to write it down and share with others.  Oh, and i borrowed my brother’s video camera to take some movies of the two of them and wouldn’t you know that the day i used it was the least playful day and then I cannot get the movie off the camera.  Will have to post at a later date.

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Comment by Tamara ~Mama Doodle on April 25, 2011 at 10:01pm

Had to visit this blog again.  Didn't get to read it a leisure last time :)  Oh I love how you've described your first week with Jorja.  I am laughing out loud at Gracie swiping Jorja's toys as she's out pottying! 

I need to do a Bailey blog soon.  I love him SO!  We are so lucky!! :)


Comment by Pedro & Alessandra on April 25, 2011 at 6:20pm
You write beautifully Andrea. Thank you so much for sharing. I've wondered out loud if we should get another doodle to be Pedro's little companion, but I remember very well how much work they can be when they're babies and I wouldn't want to miss out on all the wonderful things they do and discover.  You are very fortunate that your three kids are so adorable and seem to be adjusting well to life together (including Isidore!). Congratulations!
Comment by Erica Carano on April 24, 2011 at 7:35pm
She sounds just wonderful! Congratulations!
Comment by Linda on April 24, 2011 at 4:13pm
What a wonderful post. I have had Charlie for five months and it does not seem possible. He for lack of better words is HUGE!!!!! Seven months this week and almost 65 pounds and not the least bit fat. Thank goodness I have pictures when Charlie was this small, because if I didn't it wouldn't seem possible. Enjoy Jorja the time goes by fast and they grow too quick as you know.
Comment by Bruce Anderson and Ginger on April 24, 2011 at 3:46pm
Nice blog.  I felt like I was there living it with you.  Made me smile !!
Comment by Tamara ~Mama Doodle on April 24, 2011 at 3:09pm
Enjoyed hearing about your first week so much.  Jorja sounds like a super fun and lovable pup!
Comment by Laurie, Nug & Puk on April 24, 2011 at 10:54am

Andrea, can't wait to see the video of Jorja in action.

I am so glad that you are having a wonderful time with her. She sounds absolutely amazing,

As far as the food issues go, I would just keep an eye on her for the next couple of weeks. Puk was the same way when we brought him home and was like that for a couple weeks. I think once they realize they do not have to fight for their dinner they start to settle down. I fed Puk and the other 2 in different areas of the house just to ensure that everyone got a meal.

Post pictures when you can, I'll be waiting for them. Give the girls hugs and kisses from us.

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