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Interesting Holistic Chart for Pet Food Ingredients

This was posted on the IW fb page. I found it interesting and thought it was worth the share.

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Comment by Laurie, Jackson and Delilah on February 9, 2016 at 11:31pm

CJ, I purchased the 2ml....way too small.  I have now ordered the 5 tap the bottom of the bottle to get it out.  The drops are small.  Since it is medicinal grade...a little bit goes a long way!!  My husband and I were talking just tonight about how little licking and scratching he has been doing lately.  Friday will be his 3rd application.  I think the further he gets away from doing his nervous behaviors the less he will be inclined to do them...breaking the habit so to speak.  Gracie and Quinn certainly are lucky to have the home they do!!!  I laughed at the comment you made at the end.  No, I haven't felt calmer (I'm pretty calm to begin with!) but someone wrote on the animalEO Facebook page that it was making them sleepier than normal!!  LOL

Comment by CJ, Gracie, and Quinn on February 9, 2016 at 9:41am

What an interesting blog this has become! Laurie, what size did you first purchase? I also will be using it on both pups, as I'm sure Gracie will take note and interest, however, I probably will use it sparingly on her. It sounds like you use about 6 drops on Jackson each week. How does it come out of the bottle? Is there a dropper? I'm thinking my best bet to start might be the 15 ml size. I notice the price per ml decreases quite a bit as the size increases. Jackson really sounds like quite a complex boy. I had a lab/setter mix long ago who would dive for rocks. If I threw a rock into the water, he would actually come up with that exact rock--even if the stream bed was full of rocks! I'm sure Jackson likes the calmer feeling this oil gives him. He's probably saying, Ahhhh. thanks mom. I'll be very interested to follow your results long term, Laurie. I wonder if the oil will eventually help to eliminate some of those OCD, nervous behaviors. 

Alessandra, I think I remember reading something about raw carrots and digestion. I won't swear to it, but I don't think it's the same for veggies such as broccoli and green beans. I add whole green beans (frozen/thawed) to evening meals occasionally and don't remember seeing pieces in their poop. I'll have to look more closely next time :). I alternate between green beans, sweet potatoes, plain yogurt, and canned pure pumpkin. They like it all! They clean their bowls and then switch bowls to see if the other missed something-HaHa! I also add about a tablespoon of coconut oil to every morning meal. I keep it in a small crock and just nuke it for about a minute to liquefy it.

I just love all the nutritional things I've learned in the past several months. I have to admit, Quinn was my motivation. I always obsessed over the kibble, and the necessary flea, tick, heartworm meds, but Gracie was so healthy, I didn't really expand on that. Then along came Quinn with all his health issues and away I went. Now I almost feel like I was negligent with Gracie!!

DonMarie, I hope you find some success with your oils. I wonder what effect the calm-a-mile has on the human applying it? Do you feel calmer too Laurie??!!

Comment by Laurie, Jackson and Delilah on February 8, 2016 at 10:26pm

You just place a couple drops directly to the hair (you could part if you wanted), and it is absorbed by the oily residue at all.  With Jackson I do a couple drops on his head, around his shoulder blades, and further on his back.  Then I massage him, just petting in a rhythmic way.  Alessandra Jackson is a big time licker, and for him I believe it is a nervous habit.  Since using the calm-a-mile I have noticed so much less of it and even less scratching, which I always attributed to dry skin and now I'm not so sure.  Looks like you have found the magic formula for Pedro's diet.  I switched to Earthborn Holistic Great Plains formula and I have been able to stop Jackson's digestive enzymes.  He has always had a very sensitive stomach.  DonMarie and Picco....good luck with the oils for your thyroid...I hope it is successful for you!!

Comment by Pedro & Alessandra on February 8, 2016 at 7:43pm

Reading all this with great interest ladies. Thank you so  much for sharing. Both the food chart, which I will say I need to study more carefully but coincides with us changing Pedro's diet about 2 months ago, since we tried switching from poultry based (grain-free) kibble (Now by Petcurean, Senior, Large Breed formula) to a "Limited Ingredient" (a fairly new trend, apparently) based on Venison which Pedro absolutely hated and turned his nose at. Bought him Venison treats and it is the first time I had to throw them out because he would spit them out... So I started cooking dinner for him, mostly chicken thighs and sweet potatoes, which he LOVES and still mixing with the kibble hoping to have a balance there. Peas and ham to change it up and boiled hamburger with white rice and parmesan cheese (he is a mouse-doodle, I tell you!). I was told to puree the veggies because dogs don't have the enzymes to break them down, which sort of makes sense because when I give him raw carrots, I pick them up the next day in our yard pretty much undisgested, so the sweet potatoes are boiled and mashed with  chicken stock and he licks the dish clean as he hadn't done in years! On special nights, he gets steak and steak juices and for breakfast, he gets a quarter of Mommy's whole wheat (so  much for the gran-free stuff) peanut butter/cinammon honey sandwich... (Mommy starves in the morning but it's okay! LOL)... Anyway, he is eating better and not so being so picky as he had become,  but he also licks his paws and his blanket and I am almost convinced that it's a behavioral thing so I really want to learn more about the essential oils (my Dad and I were in the business of procuring them and selling them to fragrance manufacturers many years ago)... wow! Did I even bore myself with this rant... but I just want to say, keep the advice and the knowledge coming, ladies, we adore our pooches so much that anything that makes them feel better and happier is pawsome! Loving paws and hugs to all!

Comment by CJ, Gracie, and Quinn on February 8, 2016 at 6:34pm

Yes, of course, Laurie, I do remember your words of encouragement during our whirlwind, yet exciting beginning. Brain cells don't function as the once did! I had a little time to read more about the oils before leaving for school this morning, and it seems that the direct application might be the easier route. How do you get past the hair? Do the pups end up with oily patches? I happily and very cautiously can say that since we took up the area rug, and made it so that Quinn can't get near the sofa or the ottoman, there has been no further chewing. I don't believe it is a done deal, but at least we seem to be in a good place right now. Instead of containing Quinn, which was a logistical challenge, we decided to contain his favored furnishings. We now xpen the sofa and ottoman when we leave. Ha! We are also working very hard at giving him lots and lots of exercise before leaving and we are leaving the TV on the light classical music station. I read an article saying research shows it is effective in calming dogs. Between all this and the oil, he may end up practically comatose--in a good way :)

Comment by DonMarie & Picco on February 8, 2016 at 4:43pm

This is interesting! I've been just now looking into essential oils for myself, thyroid help, and the product for animals is more inclusive than the blend I found for me. I have to add an a couple of additional oils to get what I want.    I'm curious too how Quinn responds.

Comment by Laurie, Jackson and Delilah on February 8, 2016 at 1:05pm

I'll be curious.  I have followed your adventures with Quinn on here...and he certainly landed himself in the right place.  What a transformation has been made with him!!  Good luck and hopefully it will help!  Let me know how it goes.

Comment by CJ, Gracie, and Quinn on February 7, 2016 at 7:36pm

Wow! Thank you so much for this info. Your detailed and anecdotal response reminds me of myself :) Too funny; I love it! I agree with you on the balance between conventional and natural and I my initial curiosity was because of our 15 mos. old IW/sp cross Quinn. When I went back to school at the end of August, 3 weeks after he joined us, I was worried about how he would behave and he was stellar! That is until the end of October, which is when he started to chew. The chewing progressed and we've got some control measures in place, but it has been suggested that although he seemed to adjust really well, he may have some anxiety issues. He was a rescue; was brought to the local shelter in really bad shape. He's happy and healthy now, so the chewing was a surprise. I am willing to try just about anything! I will definitely explore this. I'm thinking to start, the applied oil like you are using might be the easiest. Thanks again! I'll let you know what I decide and how it goes!

Comment by Laurie, Jackson and Delilah on February 7, 2016 at 3:13pm

It has been an interesting journey towards essential oils.  First my daughter, Amanda, is a chiropractic physician that has become quite knowledgeable about the use of essential oils on people/patients.  She uses them at home with she and her husband (either by diffusion or application to the skin, and with some medicinal grade essential oils take them internally in a gel cap, which they lovingly call a "flu bomb!!").  My granddaughter who is 20 months old, runs to her mama at night when Amanda tells her it's oil time before bed (she applies a baby calm formulation to her feet) and a 20 month old has no preconceived notions so it must make her feel good!!  That is where my interest was peaked.  Then a holistic vet I follow on social media, Dr. Karen Becker, had a video interview with Dr. Melissa Shelton which peaked my interest on use in animals.  If you are at all bent in the holistic direction Dr. Karen Becker has some extremely interesting thoughts and perspectives and like most, I see if they are applicable to my life situation or not.  I don't feed "raw" and she is a big proponent of that, but I do use a good quality grain-free food.  So Jackson, my love, my first doodle, who I wanted to be a therapy dog...well I quickly learned you do not "make" a therapy dog, but some dogs are good at it and some not so much!!!!  LOL  Jackson is an flb standard Goldendoodle who is a sweetheart, but, has a fine line between excitement and neurosis!!  He is a little OCD and a good example of this is when we visit friends who have a creek that runs next to their house he is transfixed by the creek and the rocks in it.  He digs, he flips, he rearranges, and even will remove (I don't know how) quite large rocks to the creek bank.  He has dug until he takes his nails down to the quick and they bleed!!  He has a very hard time calming down when we have people over, sometimes hours.  I took him to a feisty Fido/reactive rover class our local kennel club had and was told he has poor impulse control, which I agree with very much.  We are working on that. 19 months ago we got Delilah, same mom and dad, different year and she is a totally different dog.  She still is settling and does puppy things with some excitement, but will come and lay her head in your lap to be loved.  Jackson is not a cuddler, it has to be on his terms.  I ordered the calm-a-mile for direct application (so it has franctionated coconut oil in it and should not be used in a diffuser.  She has a diffuser formula.)  I do it once a week and I am on week 3.  I simply place a couple drops on his head and a couple on his back and massage it into his coat, making it an enjoyable experience for him.  I have seen a definite improvement with his general anxiousness.  He tends to lick himself, a lot, especially his legs and feet and I think it is a nervous habit.  Last week he was doing that and I realized it had been 1 week 2 days since his last application.  I got the oil did the massage (I do both dogs, Delilah doesn't want to be left out and it won't hurt her!!) and within 1 minute of me finishing up he was no longer licking when he settled and took a nice long nap!!  His sister did too!! My friend who has a beagle, Maggie, who has been diagnosed with a urinary tract tumor that unfortunately is not operable, has just ordered oils to help her with her cancer.  It's an application of 5 different oils in a specific order to use weekly.  We all know and accept it is terminal, but if it gives them a little more time together, and makes Maggie more comfortable, it's worth a try.  I guess it all fascinates me!!  I do have a diffuser at home that I use to diffuse a "immune therapy mixture (commonly known as thieves oil)" that is for myself and my husband, especially during the cold and flu season months.  I always feel like I have a clearer head after I diffuse it!!  My 4 year old grandson was here recently with a bad cough and I set up the diffuser for him.  It stopped the cough albeit temporary, I think it gave him some relief.  So I hope I haven't totally bored you to death!!!!!!!!  I am a strong proponent of conventional medicine when needed, but gosh if there is a natural way to do it, why not. I think the perfect future in medicine (human and for our furbabies)  is if we can integrate. Any other questions just holler.....

Comment by CJ, Gracie, and Quinn on February 7, 2016 at 12:38pm

Took a quick look Laurie, and I am interested. What made you head in this direction? What were Jackson's behaviors? How long have you been using this? Are you using the diffuser? I'd appreciate any information you can share. Thanks!

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