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So I got in trouble AGAIN!  Mommy had just been brushing and combing me for 30 minutes and was getting ready to go teach her night class and saw on the ray-dar that we had a big rain coming, so she thought she'd let me out real quick 'fore it started.  But when I got out in the back yard, all of a sudden it was like bein' in my pool, 'cause it started rainin' so hard!  Oh, what fun!  I got the major zoomies and Mommy was hollerin' for me to get in out of the wet, but NO WAY!  So she's chasing me and then Eddie shot out the door like a cannon ball, but he hates the thunder so he was tryin' to find a place to hide out there, so Mommy had to try to get  him, too!  I was doggy laughing and jumping 'cause it was SO funny!  My back yard don't have much grass right now, so there were some really good mud holes back there and I tried to jump in every one of 'em while Mom was chasin' Eddie.  She finally called out "Daddy's home!", but when I went slippin' and slidin' in the door with my big old muddy feet, he wasn't there!  Mommy LIED to me! And she was in a really bad mood and the fur on top of her head was a little soggy after she finally got hold of Eddie and the bathroom's a big mess 'cause she made me go in there to get my feet washed.  And it took 3 towels to get me dry.  So I'm in big trouble.  Pedro, I'm afraid I might get pinched, so you might need to teach me how to cry real pitiful (even if it don't really  hurt much!)

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Comment by Jo Bill on January 30, 2013 at 11:28pm

Thanks for the laughs!  It made me smile because Gizmo is afraid of storms and rain and lightening!  We had a storm last night and I had to literally DRAG him to the door and put him out.  He turned around and wanted to come back in.  And this was in between the down pours and lightening.  So, I had to put on a coat over my jammies, some garden clogs and put the leash on him.  He DID NOT want to stay out there, but eventually he pottied and we could come in.


Finnegan, Gizmo and you have something in common ... sort of.  We have two tall sprinkler heads next to the step by the front door.  Guess who got bored and decided he needed to chew the tops off?  Yup ... Gizmo can chew anything!  I didn't notice until one day in the yard I found a chewed up black piece of plastic.  After investigation, I decided it was the sprinkler head.  LOL

Comment by Kathy, Elliott & Spencer on January 30, 2013 at 9:44pm
I totally agree that "zoomies" is a great word!! It's just soooo doodle puppy, has a visual built right into the word.
Comment by Louise Eisfeld on January 30, 2013 at 9:19pm

hahahaha love the term Zoomies, What a great story, definitely something that seems to hit around 7:00 pm every nite!!

Comment by Grace and Pemon The Gentle Giant on January 30, 2013 at 7:58pm

Oh Dulcie.  You are just something else.  When you are good, you're very, very good and when you are bad you are just awful!  LOL  I really enjoyed your story though.

Comment by Pedro & Alessandra on January 30, 2013 at 5:44pm

Once Mommy and I read that the "in trouble" didn't mean something bad, she laughed out loud! Thank you sweet Dulcie, you and your Mommy and all our other Friends on Goldendoodles always make Mommy and I laugh. I think that Auntie Dianne should be pinchin' the ray-dar because it obviously doesn't work and it's its fault that you got all wet and muddy. Also, not fair that she said "Daddy's home!" when your Daddy wasn't really home because that's confucius-ing. Mommy has done that to me too, I think she has a video... I'll get her to find it and I'll show you. I look really confucius-ed. Anyway, I'm sure you didn't get pinched because you are, after all, a PRINCESS. 

Oh Cousins Elliott and Spencer, sorry that your Mommy fell, that's not fun but it's the fault of the light in the sky that thunders so loud, not yours! Auntie Kathy, hope you didn't hurt but that's funny that you would say one of those words, I've heard them sometimes from my Mommy and my Daddy if I trip them or if they trip themselves with something. It's funny. Hope Elliott and Spencer get to do some barkeology studies soon... the ancient Doodle Cultures need to be discovered!

Loving paws from Pedro

Comment by Martha&Finnegan on January 30, 2013 at 11:35am

Thanks for the laugh this morning!  I can so identify with this - our yard is now a mudpit as well and Finnegan manages to find all of the "spots" he can to get wet and dirty - he lays in it and just looks at me when I call him.  Duncan is soo good when he goes out - never gets in trouble and comes right away - I think Finnegan is trying to corrupt him though.  I went out yesterday and one of my spotlights was on the deck (guess who did that)!  Finnegan watched me put it back and this morning - two spotlights were on the deck!!  I think he wanted me to think Duncan took one, but I just KNEW it was Finnegan.  I can only just stand there and laugh - maybe tomorrow he'll have three on the deck!! One thing for sure - if I am having a bad day he always manages to make me laugh.  Thanks for the blog - love it!

Comment by Dianne and Dulcie on January 30, 2013 at 10:22am

Mommy here  - LOL!  Thanks, Kathy, Elliott and Spencer, for a big morning laugh!  The thing is you just can't stay mad at them (even if I did have to go to work with a "soggy" head and I'm sure smelling like a wet dog - no time to repair the damage!)

Comment by Kathy, Elliott & Spencer on January 30, 2013 at 9:24am
Sweet Dulcie, this is good news because we also got in trouble and our mom said maybe girl dogs would be better behaved. Mom got home from work and said we were going for a walk because our backyard is sort of like a swamp. It would be SOOOO good for a barkeology dig right now!! Our Mom mustn't know about that radar thing, because half way around our walk, suddenly it started to just dump water from the sky on us and there was a flash of very bright white light right beside us and the loudest, boomiest, scariest crack of noise I have ever heard. I didn't know what to do so I tried to jump into Mommy's arms. Elliott just tried to run. Mom fell down on the sidewalk and we are sure we heard her say one of those words she tells our Dad and human brothers not to say. She seemed to think we should both do potties out there. Is she nuts? Those flashes and huge noises kept coming over and over. We both waited until we got home and could ask properly to go out in the big muddy place to potty. We weren't allowed on the couch at all last night.
But you know, before we went out I was sure she said we were going for "exercise." Later I heard her talking to Dad and it sounded more like "exorcise," whatever that is.
maybe some more of our friends and cousins got in trouble too?

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