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Wow... I mean, woof! It's been a while. I know Mommy is busy and that's why she's only back at typing my thoughts until now. It's been like forever and since my last post I got a haircut and I am all fluffy and Mommy says that I'm really handsome, then she's quick to add that I'm always handsome, but this time I really look much handsomer than before, plus the lady groomer trimmed the hair around my eyes so I look at Mommy and Daddy with my big eyes and especially Mommy melts and Daddy too, though he doesn't admit it to Mommy... He thinks that's between him and I (wink, wink) but we both know that I have him wrapped around  my big paw. I also went to the vet the other day because I had to get some shot in my bum. Mommy wants me to be all healthy and protected, which I think is great and I like the girls at the vet clinic because they all know me and give me liver treats which I really like, plus now the doctor doesn't have to stick anything in my butt to see if I'm warm, she puts it in my ear, which is not as... hum, uncomfortable. Thank you very much. I wonder if humans did to each other what they do to us if they'd have such a hard time understanding why -for example- after being (ahem) "fixed" we are not particularly keen on going back to the vet... it's just a thought, I guess. Anyway, I'm happy that my Mommy and my Daddy are concerned with making sure I'm healthy and that I look handsome because I have so many friends that I always want to look my best. For example, I'm very excited because this weekend I will get to play with my Uncle Mateyeyis, which is a Westie that owns my Grandpa and Grandma, therefore he is Mommy's canine brother and my uncle and he is really good looking as well, but he growls at me sometimes. He is a bit older but Mommy says that he is also very much a "terrier" so he doesn't like it when I swap him with my paws when I'm inviting him to play with me. He likes coming in and eating all my food though. He is funny and I haven't seen him in a long time so I look forward to have him over for the day. I hope he doesn't pee in my house otherwise Mommy is going to have to clean up after him. I'm also very happy that I have new friends that have their owners on this website that is so great and so filled with fellow beautiful goldendoodles. Mommy says it's pretty cool to know that she's in such good company! Ok, I'm gonna go now because Mommy is getting sleepy and I am, in fact, snoring away... Loving paws from Pedro!

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Comment by dennis angell on May 31, 2011 at 12:02pm
Hi im Oliver my playmate is a pug shitzoo cross . He tries to put something in my but too ! I dont like it !
Comment by Tamara ~Mama Doodle on April 7, 2011 at 8:48am
Sounds like you have a lot of fun going on!  You are lucky boy.  The mommy and daddy  you own love you so much and sound like a blast :)

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