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Hello, Doodle Buddies!

     Mommy says that I have been gone forever and then some, but lotsa stuff has been happening and we was just too busy to write, although we been visitin’ and readin’ ‘bout evvybody else!   It looks like there are lotsa new doodles here and I am very glad to meet ya’ll (I am a southern doodle, Mommy says, so that is how we say “you guys”!  Since I last writed, Mommy has started  her fall teachin’ again, but just a couple classes, so she is not gone too long, and I just stay in the hallway instead of in my crate.  But the big, big, BIG news is that me and Mommy are dog-sittin’ for a friend of Mommy (who used to take Mommy’s Spanish class for three whole years!)  She is a doctor and has to be gone long, long days, so Delta the BOO –VEE-AY, comes to our house every day and stays all day! And sometimes she plays with me! But sometimes she doesn’t, ‘cause she is older than me and is not very much puppy anymore.  But I like her anyways, and she is good compney for me, Mommy says.

     I had kind of a ‘venture just as the summer ended ‘cause they open the human pool to us dogs at the end of the season and Mommy took me and I jumped right in!  And it was ‘specially good, ‘cause they have a grad-u-ate-ed edge!

     Some other big news is that my Daddy had a big birthday, and he is almost 9 in dog years, but not quite (I heard Mommy laffin’ and sayin’ sumthin’ ‘bout Daddy being the BIG SIX-OH, whatever that means.)  My Auntie Wanda snuck in on a plane and s’prized him, along with my Uncle Bob and some other friends.  And guess what!  I got to go, ‘cause they had the party at my Auntie Cheryl’s farm!  So I stayed in the garage and played with Sophie and Merle while Daddy turned 60!  Mommy bought Daddy a hat that said “Vintage Dude, Aged 60 years”, and Auntie Wanda bought him a T-shirt that had writin’ on it that Mommy said was “too naughty” to put on here.  But that’s okay ‘cause I can’t read anyway.


   Another big thing that happened was that Auntie Cheryl’s boy puppy got married.  Although I am not too sure what that means either, but I think it is when Humans start their own pack.  And Mommy and Auntie Cheryl and pretty much evvybody was all worried about getting dresses and shoes and stuff that matched since they don’t have no dog hair to wear.  I sure am glad I am already fuzzy and don’t have to worry ‘bout that, although Mommy thinks she has to put clothes on me sometimes, too!  And they had to hire a “pet sitter” to stay with all us dogs and cats ‘cause evvybody in Auntie Cheryl’s fambly has somebody fuzzy, too!  And so we was 5 dogs and 2 cats all in one house!  And it was fun! But I was SO
 glad to see my Mommy again ‘cause when she leaves I don’t know when she’s comin’ back since I can’t tell time.  So I gave her an extra special hug.

     Well, that is about it for now, ‘cept that my Daddy is in a bad mood ‘cause Mommy also bought him a Co-lon-os-coppy for his birthday and ‘fore he gets his presunt, he can’t have nothing to eat ‘til tomorrow afternoon, but he has to drink some nasty stuff that even I won’t try to eat!  And I never did see nothin’ wrapped up, neither, but he says it’s the worstest present he ever got.  Now why would Mommy give him THAT?  Sigh.  More stuff about human beans that I don’t get.

I am glad to be back (just in time for the good smellin’ holiday) and can’t wait to catch up with all my buddies! Love, Dulcie.

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Comment by Grace and Pemon The Gentle Giant on November 23, 2014 at 12:56pm

Dulcie, good hearing from. Mommy and I have been neglecting the Doodle Family also.  Mommy has been extremely busy.  (Don't know how, she doesn't work}  My Daddy celebrated his big 60 two years ago.  Mommy and I bought him the exact same candles for his cake.  Why is your Daddy's balloons hanging upside down?  Oh, I think I get it, the person that made those balloons wrote the numbers upside down.  You should tell the store about that.  Maybe they will give you a refund.  Happy Birthday Uncle Mike.  You all keep in touch.  Loving hugs, Pemon, The Gentle Giant

Comment by Dianne and Dulcie on November 14, 2014 at 10:19am

Thanks, guys, I will tell my Daddy Happy B-day for you and give him some Cow Patty Kisses (I have been to the farm again!)  Picco, it sounds like you have been havin' fun doing doodly things! And Pedro, Daddy does act young, but Mommy says he can play Santa Paws in a couple years when his beard goes all white, although he will have to gain some tummy weight.  It makes Mommy mad 'cause she says he can lose 5 lbs. in 5 minutes and it takes her 5 months!  And Harrison and Brodie, I am glad you each has a brother to pay wif.  I want one.  Don't get into trouble in the yard while Aunt Amy is Iron- manning!  Have a good day, Doodle Buddies! (And Pedro, Mommy said to tell your Mommy she sure will be thinkin' 'bout you guys on Monday!)

Comment by Harrison, Brodie & Kris on November 13, 2014 at 10:15pm

Hey Dulcie, so nice to have you back.. You are looking amazing and have had some really great adventures.. Fun stuff

Comment by Pedro & Alessandra on November 13, 2014 at 5:16pm

Sweet precious Dulcie, Mommy and I missed you and your Mommy and your advenshurs soo, sooo much. It is really good to hear from you and also happy bee-lateds birthday to your Daddy. I think that he has been young for longer than other people and that is very cool because now he has ex-pee-reence, no? I think that it is pretty cool that you welcome Delta, the Boo-vee-ay and played with her, she looks very nice. And Mommy loved, loved, LOVED your cuddly photo with your Mommy. You are such a sweet girl. We love you so much!

Comment by DonMarie & Picco on November 13, 2014 at 10:02am

Oh Dulcie, I missed your cute curly face!  Sounds like alot going in your life. I've just been lounging around, playing ball, hiking and barking whenever I get the chance - pretty mellow.  Tell daddy happy 60 b-day (late), and he got an awesome cake which makes up for the co-lon-os-coppy.  The photo with you hugging you mommy is soooo precious!  Good to hear from you again!

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