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Hi all!  We are still around, but with three active human kids, not much time to get online and update.  Howie turned 9 months old on Monday.  Had a brief check-up at the vet last Saturday and weighed in at 45 lbs.  He is running about 8 pounds less than our previous doodle at the same age.  We enjoy him much of the time, but struggle with some bad habits he has -- mainly counter cruising when we turn our backs and swipe and grab, esp in the busy times of day.  We are guilty of not getting him walked enough or continuing our dog training lessons :-(.  On the plus side he has mastered the invisible fence and enjoys sprinting around the yard.  He remains somewhat leery of going outside alone in the dark to go potty -- something I am hoping gets conquered before it is really cold, as I am the one up early with him for the morning routine as sometimes he is quite leisurely in doing his business.  He gets to doggie day care about once a week for a day of fun and running around non stop.  I do think he has taken some opportunities to "beam" over to Pedro's house to learn surgery ;D

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Comment by Andrea on October 22, 2012 at 4:19am

Lovely to hear from you Sandi. We have also stopped with dog training, Ian ( my husband ) wasn't convinced it was doing any good!! - socialising apart!  Molly is still on lead walks only and the cone - which she managed to take off last night! She does try the counter cruising as well and nearly managed to climb on the worktop on Saturday as dad was outside ( cleaning the gutters ) and she couldn't get to him - direst route was the kitchen worktop and window!! she fell off - i wasn't happy with her as I had visions of her new stitches being ripped open - luckily no damage done! Keep us informed on Howie, him and Molly are bonded by age! cuddles and hugs Molly and Andrea

Comment by Pedro & Alessandra on October 21, 2012 at 9:52pm

Oh Cousin Howie, so good to hear from your Mommy and about you and your adventures! Don't be afraid my Friend, the monsters in the dark all surrender to us, charming Doodles, LOL! And I'm so proud that you're developing some surgery skills! Hope your Mama learns to be a good nurse... or maybe one of your human puppies! Have fun and check in when you can!

Loving paws, Pedro

Comment by Grace and Pemon The Gentle Giant on October 21, 2012 at 8:34pm

Oh, Sandi, he has a large frame.  We don't have a problem with Pemon going out back at night but we do have a spot light out there that comes on automatically when it's dark.  Our problem is when he goes out early in the morning and calls to the other dogs.  LOL  No complaints yet, but I bet they will be coming someday.  Right now it's 8:30 PM and he's out there barking at his buddies.  Of course you only hear him because the other dogs are mini whatevers.  But I can tell Howie is having a wonderful life and it being very well taken care of.  You gotta love em!

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