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This feels like one of the most stupid questions I have ever asked in my lifetime.  I have spent my life, having dogs and walking dogs, and we were all happy.  Luke and I were doing well walking, until I watched Cesar's DVD on the "proper" way and found out I was doing it wrong.  Learned to do it right and found out in his obedience class this week that I was once again doing it wrong.  I am not too concerned and Luke could care less, as long as he gets to walk, but now I am curious.  How does everybody else walk their dog?! 


Thanks!  I don't want Luke's friends to make fun of him because he isn't being walked correctly...

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Comment by Bruce Anderson and Ginger on October 19, 2012 at 1:46pm

Barb..I think there are several "proper" ways to walk.  Caesar is more for the home dog.  Obedience class is for the "ring".

When I showed my Weimaraner, he had to be on the left...he had to walk only when I put my left foot first and when I said "heel".  This was to prepare him for the walking off-leash examination.  There are other things I can't remember exactly now...that was alot of years ago now.

I do remember Caesar and our local dog whisperer saying that when walking, the dog should never be in front of you with his head.  That makes HIM alpha and he gets to choose where to go.  The dog should be slightly behind you, so that YOU choose the path and he follows.  The dog should be loose leash, so that he doesn't pull.

Having said that, I never do that !!  I gave up dog showing for one.  For another, I read where the activity of them sniffing all over, exercises their brain... which is important.  They enjoy the walk more. street with lots of people and traffic...formal walk.  Out in the woods or away from people, let 'em do what they want.  Having both in a walk is a good thing.

For me...heck, I'm awful !  I live in a sparce neighborhood with a golf course.  If I have Ginger on leash once a week, thats alot !  Mostly its when we go to Home Depot or other stores.  The norm is for her to run from the back door whereever she wants...I follow.  I always carry treats and a clicker.  If I see someone we don't know, I click or call her back and we go on leash until we determine friend or foe.  If I really want to go another direction than she wanted, I can just call her and point to the direction I want to go...and she heads that way...she's so great !

Once...she got WAY ahead of me.  So I stopped to see what she would do.  She got about a hundred yards ahead of me before she looked back to see where I was (normally, she's always taking a glance back to insure I'm still with her...).  When she saw me not moving, she stopped...stared at me for a second or two...then just sat down.  She stayed that way until I caught up with her.

THAT's why I LOVE my Ginger !!  She knows she's alpha, but she lets me think I'm the alpha !

Comment by Lois - Izzi on October 18, 2012 at 11:22pm

Hi Barb. I simply want the dogs to walk at my pace.   i don't want either to run along neighborhood fencing addressing any issues other than where I'm walking....  Only in the park are they allowed to run free, even then keeping an eye on where I may be headed.  (They are whistle trained = recall immediately)  I use a short leash to walk the sidewalks in neighborhood.  Off leash in park, and slip leash if/when I take them to outside dinning areas; allowable shopping areas etc.  Mine know the difference of the particular leash, but the type of leash is really not the issue.   My control and expected RE-actions is the point.  They are both under 2yrs...   Whistle trained within  3 months of age.  (easy, easily training.)  Just a whistle and a treat within the house to start..  

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