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It's been waaaay too long since I've posted in this community, and I apologize for that. I have thought of you all, but just haven't had the energy to touch base. We've been on quite a roller coaster for over 6 months now. Gracie is GREAT! She just turned 8 and you would think she just turned 2. She is healthy and happy and full of life and love and energy. Quinn... well, Quinn can't seem to catch a break. In the spring, he was diagnosed with immune-mediated thrombocytopenia (ITP) and we have been battling ever since. He is currently on 3 different immunosuppressants. Between the seizure meds and the ITP meds, he gets a total of 31 pills a day with 5 different dose times. We have been trying to get him weaned off the prednisone, but each time we get about half way, his platelets start to drop again and we have to increase a bit. In the midst of all this, he had another cluster seizure event and ended up in critical care for 4 days (which was an absolute nightmare--I swear they almost killed him!), and now he has a highly resistant E coli UTI (which he likely got while admitted). We have been giving twice daily subcutaneous antibiotic injections. Six more days and we will be able to check to see if it worked. Everything crossed on this one because I don't know what we do if this drug doesn't do it. He is not in pain and you really can't tell he's sick, but he hasn't been himself for over 6 months now. He doesn't run. He plays very seldom and then only short little bursts. However, he still barks his fool head off when it's walk time and meal time and he's game for all social outings, but because his immune system is suppressed, he's not allowed to go into parks or have play dates. We visit Home Depot and Lowes quite a bit. And we are still banking on remission, and working at living each day to the fullest. 

I need to do some reading and see if I can get caught up a bit on what all of you have been up to. I hope to find that all are doing well, and I am really going to try to be more active in the community. I've missed you guys! 

This is from last winter -- we spent a month in St. Augustine--most dog friendly city ever!!

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Comment by Administrator Jan on December 9, 2018 at 6:00pm

So much for the Whole Foods cranberry supplements.  Just re-read the label.  Somewhere along the line they changed the sweetener from honey to "organic inulin".  While inulin is not (as far as I could find) a know danger to dogs, its common sources, (onion, garlic, etc.) are toxic to dogs.  Without knowing the source of the inulin, and generally trusting that if there is a problem with this form of sugar substitute I won't find out until it is too late, I'm stopping use immediately.

Perhaps overly paranoid, but Nessy hasn't been doing all that well, and finding out they changed the formulation totally upset me!

Comment by Lois - Izzi on December 2, 2018 at 12:38am

Good to hear from you...   Photo makes me smile....  Qwinn has had a wonderful life since you rescued and adopted him...  He has had the most loving care...  Thanks for sharing his story.  

Comment by Pedro & Alessandra on November 21, 2018 at 12:39am

Good to hear from you CJ and so happy to hear about Gracie, but sad to hear about poor Quinn. At the same time, I am relieved and so thankful that he found you. Few people would have had the courage to take him on and to provide him with the medical care that he's needed. We send our best wishes and many hugs and loving paws to all of you.

Comment by Tay Friend on November 18, 2018 at 3:32pm

Beautiful picture!

Comment by DonMarie & Picco on November 14, 2018 at 5:08pm

Well hello there!   Poor Quinn with looks to be lifelong health issues - what an ordeal you are going through. How old is he now? He look great in the photo.  Good to hear Gracie still acts like a pup!

Not much going on here - lots of new members but not much activity.

Comment by Administrator Jan on November 14, 2018 at 3:38pm

PS - Nessy only weighs about 45 pounds, so consider the dosage accordingly.

Comment by Administrator Jan on November 14, 2018 at 3:36pm

Lovely photo!

So very sorry to hear Quinn & you are going through all this.

I don't know a thing about E coli UTI's, but Nessy is prone to UTIs, so I've been giving her between 250mg and 500mg Organic Cranberry supplement pills from Whole Foods Market for years.  Seems to stave off the infections.  Cranberry is good for the kidneys, and the Vet hasn't complained when I told them about my protocol.  Of course, check with Quinn's Vet, and wait until he's been retested anyway...

If you buy a cranberry supplement, watch out for the chewable ones that use Xylitol as a sweetening agent (xylitol is toxic to dogs).  Actually, even the non-chewable ones have some sort of sweetener, so read the label carefully!

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