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We brought Gizmo home last October.  Seems like eons ago .... he's such a part of our family!  We've had our trials and tribulations, but it all works out "in the wash", as they (who are THEY?) say.


We were gone on vacation for two whole weeks; Gizmo's vacation was spent at his favorite Doggy Daycare/Boarding place.  I was so worried he'd not be excited to see us or be mad and really, really punish us.  Worst yet .... NOT remember us!  As it turned out, he was so excited to see us.  After he gave us hugs (pushed his nose between our knees) and let us love him, he layed by my feet and slept ... and slept ... and slept - yu get the picture!  LOL


He enjoyed his time there ... he always does.  He even got to sleep in the human bed with the owner his last night there.  That's because he got a bath.  No dirty dogs on her bed.  Ha ha.  Gizmo was a little quiet and reserved the first couple days home.  Then, he perked up and was his old self. 


While being boarded, the owner and a couple of the people who work there, trained Gizmo a little.  They were trying to teach him "Come", which is something he chooses to do ONLY when HE wants to.  The owner said they didn't make much headway.  We did notice that Gizmo sits quicker than he did before and when he does come to us, he sits.  He did learn some things there.


I am now working with him daily.  We go outside and "play".  He knows that word very well and gets so excited when I ask him if he wants to play.  I tell him to sit, then stay, then I throw one of his favorite toys or balls.  When I give the command to get it, he races out and picks it up.  Then, even though he's coming to me anyway, I tell him to "Come".  On the way to me, I motion with my arm in a wide arc and tell him to "Heel".  He comes by my side (usually he needs help remembering this part) where I tell him to "Sit".  Then I take the ball/toy from his mouth - which, by the way, he gives willingly.  Then we do it all over again.


He walks to well on-leash now, too.  I use a short walking leash and he just trots along beside me.  We still have issues when people or other dogs pass us on the sidewalk, but we just sit until they pass.


His mouthing is almost non-existent now.  That was something that was NOT allowed during boarding and they did correct for it.  Also, no jumping up - well, almost none.  He still gets excited and jumps up - we work on that, too.  But, afterall, he is only 7 1/2 months old.


I think Gizmo has made great strides in the few months he has come to us.  What a wonderful, wonderful friend, pet, family member, and buddy we have!!!!

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Comment by Grace and Pemon The Gentle Giant on March 18, 2012 at 1:00pm

You know Jo, it's like they can change over night.  It seems like things finally sink in all of a sudden.  I tell Mark some of the stories about the challenges people have from time to time with their Doodles and he said to me, Our Pemon is an angel.  But, then again, remember he just turned two yesterday.  He better be somewhat of an angel.  But I really am so happy for you and Terry.  You just had to ride it out.  Patience prevails.  Glad you had a great vacation and Gizmo too.

Comment by Jo Bill on March 16, 2012 at 8:01pm

Thanks Alessandra & Pedro.  We appreciate your support.

Comment by Pedro & Alessandra on March 16, 2012 at 2:22pm

Jo, I'm so, so happy for you. I remember very well the challenges you had with Gizmo's mouthing, but the truth is you did everything right and you have been consistent and loving and he clearly is a wonderful pup. Congratulations and lots, lots of proud and loving paws from Pedro and I!

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