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We are living in Chicago and got our Goldendoodle (Named him Goldie) from Michigan 3 weeks back. Mom and Dad are their family pet and this was their second litter. He is now 11 weeks old, so sweet, playful and healthy. We love him specially my 11 years daughers and 15 years son.

Got vet checked at PetCo and everything is normal. We started his basic training last week at Pets Mart.

Love this Goldendoodle community, has lots of good information. Anyone  in this group lives in Chicago?

Any suggestions or tips related to taking care of puppy or training are welcome as we are the first time owner. 



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Comment by DonMarie & Picco on February 10, 2018 at 6:50pm

Welcome Jay & Goldie!  Goldendoodles are such sweet companions!  First of all try to enjoy the puppy months because they go by so fast no matter how frustrating it can get.  Have lots of patience - they just don't know any better!  We took our pup to a PetSmart too.  You can look at other training methods (so many books, it's overwhelming) but then pick and choose what works for you and your pup.  Picco isn't food driven so it wasn't much incentive for him I didn't think he would ever get trained.  He just eventually caught on!  Just be consistent with training and rules or they become confused. 

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