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Follow UP to July Blog About Changing Dog Food

RECAP:  *Piper's ears always smelled yeasty...but, she has never had an ear infection.  *noticed her chewing at her bum, base of the bottom of tail, and 2 spots on each side of her hind in all these areas turned reddish from the licking/chewing.  *started licking/chewing at in that area also turned reddish from all the licking.  *thinking it was a food allergy, we tried many different brands of dry dog food/kibble with each containing a different protein source (thinking that she was allergic to beef, chicken & turkey).  *found a limited ingredient diet (LID) brand with the protein source being rabbit that lessened the itching, but it never really stopped the itching. *treated her bum, tail base & 2 rash spots with Miconazole Nitrate (Walmart's brand Equate Women's Yeast Infection Cream)...rash cleared up & she stopped licking/chewing those areas.  *used Zymox Enzymatic Solution (cleanser & yeast killer) in her ears the end of the 7 day treatment, her ears didn't smell for the first time in forever!!!  *cut the hair on her paws and between her paw pads & gave her a bath in Malaseb Miconazole Nitrate Shampoo, getting into all the nooks/crannies of her paws...she stopped licking/chewing her paws.  *Continued feeding the LID brand of dry dog food/kibble that had decreased her itching (thinking that after i treated her with the miconazole nitrate cream, Malaseb Shampoo & Zymox Ear, that it would be fine to continue with the LID food we were feeding).  *the 2 rashes, yeasty ear order, and paw, bum & tail base chewing returned...ugh ):  

UPDATE:  So, maybe she didn't have food allergies...maybe she was suffering from yeast issues from the carbohydrates in her food.  Even though her food was a very limited ingredient diet, it still had carbs...carbs are used in kibble as a binding agent...her LID food still had 46% carbs.

Started researching homemade dog food...decided to try a homemade yeast starvation diet to rid her body of the yeast overgrowth.  this food consists of raw hamburger (can be cooked if you want), hard boiled eggs (including shell), Dinovite Nutritional Supplement & Dinovite Super Omega Fish Oil (extremely important to add the supplement & fish oil to make this food nutritionally sound).  She LOVES this food!!!...noticed that after about a week, her itching & licking began to about 3 1/2 weeks in, her licking picked up again for a couple of days (i was prepared for this, as this is common when bodies purge yeast) and after a couple of days, the itching & licking lessened again.  we are mid week 4, and her itching & licking have almost stopped!!!  True Story (:  after clipping the reddish hair off, it is coming in her normal white color since she has stopped all of the licking (: We are doing the yeast starvation diet for at least 3 months...after that, you can start adding small amounts of carbs (cooked low glycemic veggies or cooked white rice) to see if your dog is able to handle small amounts...if this affects piper negatively, we will go back to the hamburger, hard boiled eggs (supplements and fish oil) mixture as her diet (periodically switching the protein to turkey or chicken).  Piper used to be a free feeder with her kibble...never eating more than 2 cups per day...some days eating just a cup.  Now, she gobbles her food up and licks her bowl clean...she eats 1 cup of this mixture in the morning & 1 cup in the evening (:  While Piper is on the 3 months of the yeast starvation diet, i will continue to shampoo her 1 or 2 times per month with the miconazole nitrate shampoo to rid her skin of the yeast that her body is purging.  If your dog has a yeast issue, make sure that the miconazole nitrate shampoo that you use does not contain "oatmeal", as topical yeast will feed on the oatmeal, so it defeats the purpose ):  when i was shopping online for this Malaseb Miconazole shampoo, i noticed that some of the other brands contained oatmeal ):

Also, as it turned out, Piper does not have allergies to was the carbs.  I read a lot of interesting articles that said that when you have your dog allergy tested, that many false positives, that makes it unreliable...if Piper tested positive to a beef allergy, she may not have an allergy to it after all.  We have known our vet for about 30 years...he is a wonderful, extremely smart man & doctor, but they are not fact, they learn very little about nutrition throughout their vet training & a lot of what they do learn about nutrition, comes from the dog food companies.

After all the trial & error that we have been through, i'm hopeful that we have finally found the answer to Piper's issues (:  It seems that allergies & yeast problems with dogs have been increasing and are continuing to get worse...after all of my research, this makes sense to me...dogs digestive tracts are not equipped to handle a high carb diet...even if the carbs are coming from good sources (veggies & fruits), it is still a carb...carbs turn into sugar & sugar feeds yeast.

Anyway, this has been our experience & in sharing it, i'm hoping that maybe it may help other itchy chewing doodles (:

As always, i would like to hear your thoughts and experiences (:


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Comment by Grace and Pemon The Gentle Giant on December 27, 2014 at 3:09pm

From what I understand Allergies can be very difficult.  We have been fortunate.  I read somewhere if your dog has allergies make sure you have pet insurance cause it can get pricey.  Tests etc.  You did a good job Lorie.

Comment by Debbie & Trixie on December 11, 2014 at 6:02pm

You have been on an amazing journey!  I am not only so glad for Piper, who must be SO much more comfortable, but I am also in awe of your dedication to finding the answer for her!  You are a wonderful doodle mom!! :)

Comment by DonMarie & Picco on December 11, 2014 at 10:40am

So glad you got it figured out!  Yes, you have to start with just about nothing and add as you go looking for reactions. I've had to do this to myself (I'm on a very strict diet) and I'm sure it's more frustrating with a pet that can't give you feedback.

Picco was getting those itchy red spots but I found it was pigs ears & rawhides as the cause. Although Picco hasn't had any other diet issues, I have him on Grain Free food - I just feel better about it! 

Testing positive for beef or other meats - could be what's in the meats such as added hormones. Also, could be issues with additives/chemicals/dyes in processed foods, not the foods themselves. Anything processed has corn, soy & wheat which are usually the culprits.

Comment by Jan, Lily & Nessy on December 11, 2014 at 9:55am

I'm so glad to hear that you've been able to track down Piper's problem.  Master detective work, to be sure!

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