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Faith will be here in 3 more days, eeeeek am I ready???

Hello fellow dood owners, I will be officially a Doodle owner to a beautiful baby girl Faith in three more sleeps!  I've been reading up on stories that scare the poopers right out of me!  What was your experience with your new puppy let's say the first week of bringing him/her home??

Faith, as said by the owner, sleeps from 11pm until 8am straight through without wakingup or going to the potty, so I hope that doesn't change, she also said that she is the most laid back, so I really hope that doesn't change either! 

Please share the frist week of owning your dog with me, PLEASE!  I don't want too horrible of horror stories please. lol!   Unless, I need to know!

I'm really excited but getting new Mom jitters!


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Comment by April Smith on May 13, 2012 at 8:46am

One more sleep fellow Golden doodle owners!!!!!!  I am feeling so excited and anxious, what a happy mpthers day!  I wish alllllll the Momma's of humans and Doods a VERY Happy Mothers Day!!!  And thank you again for taking care of me!

Comment by Jennifer Lynn on May 12, 2012 at 9:47pm
Hi April, and congrats on your new puppy! We got Max 2 weeks ago today at 8 weeks of age. I do not believe he was ever crated prior to coming home. Here's how the first week went.

Night 1- I thought I had an infant in the house, he cried every hour. I finally fell asleep on the floor next to the crate.
Night 2 - better... Cried 3 times over night

Night 3 - slept the whole night thru, and has done fine ever since!

Some suggestions:
- Show your new pup the crate and let her explore it on her own so that it's not brand new at bedtime.
- If possible, put the crate in your room so she can see you.

Other than the night time challenges in the beginning, our first two weeks have been wonderful. He is so smart ( I am told Doodles are extremely intelligent as a whole). I can honestly say he is the easiest puppy I have ever owned, but he's also my first doodle.

Good luck and enjoy !
Comment by April Smith on May 12, 2012 at 6:30pm

Thank you for the very kind words!  I can't believe in just 2 more sleeps she will be in our house!  The time has now been moved up, yaaaaaay, to 3:30pm on Monday so it is now closer then ever!  I'll post lots of pics of our first week!  And let everyone know how great your opinions were to me!

Thank you!

Comment by Lynn, Daisy & Jax on May 12, 2012 at 6:14pm

Congrats!!! You will make a fantastic doodle Mom! When we brought Daisy home she slept through the night from day one, no accidents and she is our "little miss independent".  Jax took a few weeks to sleep through the night, but now he is doing great. They both have crates downstairs (thanks to the advice of the great owners on this site) for during the day. They both sleep in our room at night in dog beds. The crates are too big to fit up in our room. They seem to be just fine. I wanted to sleep with them too, but resisted...Each of these fabulous doodles have their own unique personality, so give it some time to figure her out. You will be amazing!!! I can't wait until you bring her home.

Comment by Pedro & Alessandra on May 12, 2012 at 2:15pm

Firstly, CONGRATULATIONS April and family! You will have lots of fun and joyful moments with Faith (and I LOVE her name).

Pedro's first week with us was good, can't really complain, but in total agreement with everyone on here, crate, crate, crate... Hopefully the breeder will give you a toy or a blankie that has the smell of Faith's Mom and siblings. We got that for Pedro, put it in his crate and he went in there by himself, slept in it, never soiled it -his breeder did a great job with the initial potty training and we carried on, we did have a few accidents in the house, but never anything major-. The very first night, I think we were all so excited that we slept through the night. Pedro was in his crate in the family room which was his Daddy's plan but after a few nights that he would cry in the middle of the night and "forced" us to come down and sleep on the couch in the family room to keep him company, the crate got moved to our bedroom. We had it covered with a bedsheet so he could have privacy in his little den and also so that it remained dark for him to have a good sleep, we all got used to our routine fairly quickly and as I have been saying to many on the site with new pups, enjoy puppyhood because it goes by super fast! But every stage has its challenges and its rewards, overall, you have been chosen by Faith to be her Mommy (Pedro chose us) and you will be happier for it. I can guarantee you that much.

Enjoy and loving paws from Pedro.

Comment by April Smith on May 12, 2012 at 9:03am

aaaawe, thanks alot guys!  Even though it will be tough I will crate her the first night!  :(  The crate is the one with the sectional in it to section off parts of the crate until she grows into it it also folds for easy storage (so we are taking it camping with us) and it only cost us $60 brand new at TSC (1/2 price sale) so we did well!  The crate is also right beside me in our bedroom so I will sleep with my head really close to the side of my side of our bed!  And I will be on here every step of the way you guys are my heros!  THANK YOU!

Comment by Dona Wallerius on May 12, 2012 at 7:37am

Yea please don't do the cuddle thing for the first night.  Remember a crate is for their safety.  Puppies, chew and can be destructive.  You don't want to wake up to a sick puppy.  They may cry at first, but believe it or not, the crate becomes their best friend.  It's like a den to a wolf.. a place to call home.  I felt same way the first night, so I laid outside the crate with my hand touching him inside the crate to let him know I was there with him :)

Comment by Jo Bill on May 11, 2012 at 9:06pm

I just read the other posts .... regarding the crate ......... there are crates you can buy that are very large, but have sections to put in to make the crate smaller at first.  As the pup grows, you move the section back to give her more room.  I imagine they are expensive, but so it buying crate after crate after crate until your puppy is grown.


Regarding the chewing:  Yup they will chew!  We bought lots of rawhide chews (NEVER get the ones with knots in them).  Even a cow's hoof when he got big enough to chew it. 


Donna is absolutely right .... keep the puppy in the same room with you and if you can't .... crate her.  They are full of mischief.

Comment by Jo Bill on May 11, 2012 at 8:59pm

Congrats on adding a new family member.  You're gonna love her, but she WILL try you .... afterall, she IS a puppy.  You will survive.  Our first few days with Gizmo were really good.  He played hard and wanted to be with me every minute.  The first night he cried a little, but was ok.  At one point (not sure how long we had him) he climbed up and over the baby gate we had to separate him from the rest of the house at night.  We call it his "condo".  He has never been crated (until his accident and then only a couple nights).  He sleeps in his condo.  The first night we let him stay up with us until we went to bed.  Waaaaay too late for a little puppy.  So, from then on, we developed a routine of him going to bed at 9:00-9:30.  At first, he'd go to his condo without using a leash.  Then he caught on and needed to be coerced to go to bed.  We had a pillow in the shape of a bone with a heartbeat box inside.  I'd press it to turn it on, kiss him goodnight, turn out the light and leave the room.  One night, early on, he cried and cried.  I got up and slept on the couch that night and every time he started, I sternly hollar (he was in another room) NO!  He learned that night he was not to cry, but was to go to sleep.  Doodles are smart, and they will try you at every corner....... and all those trials are soooooooo worth it!  Gizmo is a JOY to have now.  Good luck and if you need any reassurance, just come to this site.  We are all here for you.

Comment by April Smith on May 11, 2012 at 8:29pm

Thank you everyone!  Yes, we have bought the crate but sad to use it the first night as we will be getting her at 8pm (the owner couldn't let her go sooner due to a family dinner :( ) and so we feel awful that the first couple of hours she's away from her momma and siblings she will be in new territory PLUS locked up in a crate!  :'(  I told my husband that we should cuddle with her the first night and then start to crate train her the next day!  But he thinks maybe that will cause alot of trouble (peeing in our bed, etc)  I don't know!

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