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Hello Doodle Family
Wondering if anyone out there knows anything about the Chicago School of Canine Massage. I have been looking at maybe taking a course there to develop a small business /hobby for when I retire. I am very familiar with the many benefits of massage for humans like myself and I have been really impressed reading about all the avenues that are open to use massage to help our fur babies with sports injuries, aging, arthritis, even palliative care. Elliott has had his paws massaged almost every day of his life, especially at bedtime. Spencer calms completely with a little massage, but I want to know how to do it professionally, and what techniques are best for different problems.
If any of you have experience or information to share I would love to hear it. No education courses available here in Canada for this. This school in Chicago really impresses me online, but it is quite pricey. I want to do my homework. I have to admit I am also swayed a little by the direct flight available from my home city to Chicago. Want to consider all options.
Thanks everyone.

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Comment by Jan, Lily & Nessy on August 30, 2015 at 11:35pm

Having never heard of them, but admitting I'd not looked into the subject, I searched google.  What I found is that the website was set up Oct. 2011.

Not very helpful, but clearly a fairly new venture.

One of the Vets on their staff (Dr Bennett), used to be associated with a local VCA Hospital in Berwyn (suburb west of Chicago).  She's no longer there...  Again, not very enlightening, especially since the VCA Hospital Group is a huge consortium where Vets come and go at will (I actually take my dogs to a different VCA Hospital, and they used to have Oncologists and an Opthamologist, neither stayed.  I think the corporate nature of VCA has more to do with it than anything else).

No luck finding reviews either.

Sorry, I'm afraid I'm not much help here.

Meanwhile, T Touch was a hot idea a few years ago, don't know what's happened to that movement, although they still exist. and they do some classes in Canada (although the latest list does not include Ontario).

I do think there is a need for massage therapy in canines.  I do not know if the market will bear the costs associated, and perhaps that's why I didn't find much online.  Sadly, many pet owners barely see a need for physical therapy for themselves, let alone massage, let alone either for their pets...  At least, not in my limited view of the world.

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