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I know I am taking this idea from Margaret and Opie credit where credit is do this is due. I hope you don't mind!!! Made it all pretty!!!!

Dexter- Born November 23, 2011

-11-weeks 16lb (Came home Feb 11, 2012)

-11.5-weeks 16.4lbs 14in tall (Went to the vet Feb 13, 2012)

-12.5-weeks 13lbs :( (After 3 farm days Feb 20, 2012)

-13.2-weeks 18.6 lbs 15in tall (After good feeding Feb 24, 2012)

-13.5-weeks 19.4 (Two weeks after Vet Feb 27, 2012)

-14.1-weeks 20.6lbs 16in tall (14 weeks old! Feb 29,2012)

-15.3-weeks 23.2lbs 17in tall (Nice day long walk Mar 10,2012)

-16.1-weeks 24lbs 17.5 in tall (This means Dex should get between 50 & 60lbs we will see)

Wow it has been a while. Dexter is now 9 months, how time flys. He got neutered yesterday.

He is now 26in tall and 52lbs.

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Comment by Krystal Segale on March 11, 2012 at 12:06am

He is getting so big... And now be is becoming a bigger handful lol.

Comment by Margaret and Opie on February 24, 2012 at 8:28pm

Of course I dont mind - I am not the first, nor probally the last : )  I am so glad you did!!  Seems like Opie and Dexter are the same size!  Thats so exciting!

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