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Hello. I just got my new baby. He’s almost 9 weeks old. Can anyone predict his coat type. Top of his head and body are thick and wavy but muzzle is short and straight. Wasn’t sure if he would grow longer hair around his nose as he ages. Was hoping for a wavy haired and not so much a flat coat. Anyone have a similar pup grown up would love to see pics!!!

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Comment by Jan, Lily & Nessy on Thursday

You might want to check out Blue's Spence & Shadow - pics:

They are both F1 goldendoodles, and started as fairly flat coated pups.  She has pics showing how much they've changed.

Comment by Jan, Lily & Nessy on Thursday

There used to be a section on the website that kept all sorts of pictures from people about their dogs as they grew from puppy to adult.  Unfortunately, that section has been retired.

What I will say, is that 9 weeks is very young, and coat type takes months to years to really develop.  First the puppy coat, and then around 12 months or thereabouts the puppy coat changes to adult coat (the process can take months!).

Hang in there, I don't doubt you'll see your baby turn into a magnificent doodle as he grows!

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