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Chronic Nose Bleeds-2 and a half year old male Goldendoodle.

Hello, this is my first post and I'm in need of some help for my 2 and a half year old male Goldendoodle named Parker.
I’ll get straight into why I am posting and trying to find as much information as I can. Any comments relating to Parker’s could help me out.
Starting in early August Parker has a little runny nose of clear liquid- nothing crazy or consistent. We googled it and thought it was allergies. We called to set up a vet appointment to get him checked.
Within a week of waiting for the vet appointment the clear runny nose had turned into a sticky green mucus that was constantly running out of his nose. So much that he had trouble eating and drinking along with panting. We immediately took him into the vet to figure out what was going on. When we got there they said he had a small nose infection and gave us some antibiotics along with food to help him eat and stay hydrated.
After a couple of days of the antibiotic and no improvement in the mucus amount or consistency or his eating and drinking he had a severe bloody nose. My husband and I decided to take him into our local (40 minutes away) 24/7 ER Vet. After spending hours waiting to hear if the ER Vets had any news they sent him home with some blood clotting medicine and an appointment scheduled a couple of days later to have a rhincoscopy (spelling) procedure done. As soon as we got him home he had an even worse nose bleed and we took him straight back with the fear that he had lost a large amount of blood.
The ER Vet decided it was best to keep him as an overnight medical board because of our concerns.
We got him back the next evening. His tests were all normal and there was absolutely nothing abnormal appearing.
A couple of days later we took him into have his procedure with the rhino-camera scope. The procedure came back negative for any fungal infections or any foreign objects in his nose. The vet said there was some white tissue that had built up and was causing the blockage. They took samples and ran tests for cancers. Parker came home and the mucus continued almost to the point of being uncontrollable and 100% was making him uncomfortable. He still wasn’t eating enough or drinking enough water. His nose and mucus was also gaining a very rotten smell from the issue.
After a couple of days waiting for the cancer tests the results came back all negative. Our ER Vet started Parker on a stronger antibiotic to widen the range to see if that would help slow down the mucus and such. At this point in the timeline he had gone at least a week and a half without any nose bleeds. The new stronger antibiotic had completely stopped mucus from draining out of his nose, it had almost hardened instead of drained. With the stronger antibiotic Parker had regained use of his tongue to eat and drink normally again. The smell was not as strong as it had been. The vet had use wait a week using the new antibiotic before we brought him back in for any other tests.
He had gotten through the week and things were looking positive. He was eating and drinking and had gained back most of his lost weight. He had not had any nose bleeds and was getting some energy back.
That Sunday while we were waiting for Tuesday to roll around Parker had another nose bleed all the sudden while he was sleeping. He had not done anything strenuous that day. We decided again to take him into the ER Vet to update them on his condition. This bleed was one of the worst he had had. We decided to leave Parker at the Vet again due to our work schedules we did not feel comfortable leaving him home alone. He has been in the Vet as a non-medical board at this point in the week because all his vitals, blood work, clotting times and all tests have come back negative for anything at all this far.
We are waiting to hear about his tests pertaining to DNA in bacteria that could be in his blood and tick borne diseases.
If you have any ideas or any information please share it with me. Parker is our “first born” and we love him and miss him dearly.

Updated as of 9/20/2019- All of the DNA, fungal, tick and blood tests came back Negative.  Our doctor is recommending surgery to the carotid artery on the left side of his face and nose to runs to his nose.  The surgery would cut/ close that vein to stop the blood at the "source".  Any information you would like to share with me would be appreciated. Thanks.

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