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Tonight Gizmo learned to walk up the ramp and back down in order for him to get in the back of our SUV.  We've been lifting him, but it's getting waaaay to hard for Terry and I can't do it.  So, if he wants to go for a ride (and you KNOW he does), he has to walk into it himself.  We practiced on flat ground 3-4 times.  Then I put it on a cement block to create a slight incline and he did that 3-4 times.  The last "test" was when I put it on our porch by the front door over the one step to the sidewalk.  He did that with flying colors!  Now the BIG deal .... the ramp was put up to the bumper of the SUV and the hatch door was open.  Did he go up?  Well, not at first.  Seems there was a problem with the incline.  Couldn't be helped, so I put a treat in front of his cute, little nose and he followed it up.  The next time, I put the treat in the car and he went up after it.  We did it several times because he got scared a couple times.  Now, I think (I hope) when we want to go away, he'll march right up into the car.  YEA GIZMO!


We are also walking off leash.  I put the training collar on him and set it to "2".  Very, very rarely do I  have to "zap" him.  Infact, now when I say "heel", he walks in back of me.  I encourage him to come up by my leg, but most of the time he's behind me.  What's up with that????  He waits when I say so and comes on command to cross roads.  We are working on getting him to look at me when we stop to cross roads.  I say "Gizmo, ready?"  I want him to make eye contact, but usually he gets too distracted.  So, I've been holding his chin till he looks at me.  Then I tell him good boy and come.


The most fun thing he is learning to do is to catch the ball when I throw it.  He's getting pretty good at that.  He knows when I ask him if he wants to go into the backyard (to play) and he races there and waits for me.  I'll tell him to "catch it" and he tries and sometimes does - depends on how well I throw it.  LOL


So that is what Gizmo has been up to during his recuperating time.  He's been really BUSY!

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Comment by Jo Bill on May 23, 2012 at 11:35am

Pedro, you need to tell Mommy you NEED more stuffies!  If I lived closer, I'd make sure you had at least two more to operate on.  I don't get treats in my Kong ... at least I don't think I do.  I'm pretty sure it's my dog food in my Kong, but I like that cuz I can eat it in the Living Room with my people. 

Comment by Pedro & Alessandra on May 23, 2012 at 1:42am

Oh Cousin Gizzy, you are doing so well!! We're so happy for you!! And you are SO smart, good training of your Mommy when you go for walks!

I also know the name of my toys: the only surviving stuffies are "baby" and "monkey" and I'm not very good friends with the loud chicken but he's all right sometimes...other than that, I like playing with my kongs, especially when they have treats in them!

Loving paws,


Comment by Bruce Anderson and Ginger on May 22, 2012 at 10:30pm

The ramp into the car is a good deal.  When he gets much older and its harder to get into the car, the muscle memory will still be there.  Ginger jumps in the back now, but I think about tomorrow....

Comment by Jo Bill on May 22, 2012 at 1:00pm

Yeah, Gizmo knows the names of his toys, too.  Had known for a looooong time.  It's so cute when they know what you are talking about.  When we are going outside to play ball (or whatever), I'll ask him if he wants to go PLAY!  He jumps up and RUNS to the door!  He knows it's not a walk or outside to potty .... it's PLAY!  He also knows what I'm saying when I ask him if he wants to go in the backyard when we go outside.  Smart Smart Smart!!!

Comment by Grace and Pemon The Gentle Giant on May 22, 2012 at 11:04am

He's such a smart little boy!  Way to go Gizmo!  We throw Pemon a lot of his stuffed animals.  Makes it easier to catch.  then graduate to the ball.  I throw under hand and up in the air.    It's funny too, he know the names of some of his toys.  Mark will say get such and such and he will bring that item to him. Gosh, what was life like without our Doodles?

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