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Can anyone recommend a good brush for their kinky fur?  Maybe there is a particular kind specially for these kinds of locks.  Bogey has wavy to curly hair.

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Comment by Dona Wallerius on May 29, 2012 at 8:52pm

Thanks, you have helped answer a lot of my questions and deal with some fears I've had.  I will be taking Bogey to a place I looked into and was referred to me.  If we like what we see, we will make an appointment.   She apparently deals with quite a few doodles.   He's been pretty good.. the more I brush him the better he's getting.  Thanks again for taking the time to help educate me.

Comment by Anneke Penne on May 28, 2012 at 9:51pm

Hey there again! A swim sounds fun! Guess who was one of my customers today?!?!? A 4 month old doodle!!! It was her 2nd time in, she got a nice bath, blow dry, brush, trimmed feet face and fanny. She wiggled and jumped around alot. She cried alot during the blow dry but I used a "happy hood" to protect her ears. And toward the end of the blow dry she was acting like a pro. Same with towards the end of the brush out and trim. She wiggled and jumped and cried, but you just let them settle, stay calm and work through it. I think with the puppies it is more important to give them a good experience. I am sure there are groomers with more experience than me with handling dogs but like any skill it gets better with time. I have heard of dogs having to be sedated for grooming because of behavior problems. The best remedy I know for that is get them into the groomer at young age and get them in regular. Sometimes vets have groomers and usually that's where problem childs go. I know groomers who pride themselves on being "rehabilitative" and they like helping the more difficult dogs but hopefully  you will never need someone like that. I don't know any groomers who would drug a dog w/o consent. I was taught the best practice for that situation would be if a dog needed to be sedated for grooming have the owner bring in the dog and administer the sedative themselves in front of you. That helps with any liability issues. Groomers handle wiggly jumpy dogs every day, like I said there maybe some groomers better at it than others but it is the nature of the business. My best dogs are usually dogs that have been exposed to it early and often. Although there are some that never really settle down and that just takes an enormous amount of patience and being very very careful. Have you thought about a mobile groomer? You can peek in their van while they are working and the groomer works one on one w/o distractions like other dogs, customers etc. Hope you are doing good. Take care.

Comment by Dona Wallerius on May 28, 2012 at 3:11pm

I am pretty good with the training aspect.  I am attending classes although its more for socialization.  I have been introducing the hair dryer to him but only in the "off" mode. I figured I would gradually introduce it.  When I brush him I give him a chew toy and when he tries bite the brush I yell "no" and keep giving him the chew toy.  I guess I will ask the groomer if he may need it on his 1st day.  Hubby and I assisted in dog training for a few years with a good friend of ours, so although we may know a lot, some things may be new to us.

Although I may be new to doodles.. I am not new to grooming.  I have 2 long hair cats and I brush them frequently.  Anytime I feel a slight little knotting occurring, I usually just take the scissors and cut it out.  Best to deal with it when its tiny before it starts matting.

Bogey went for his first swim today in our pond.. it was a hot day.  Afterwards I spend about 30 minutes combing through his hair and the comb went through quite well.  I did wait till he was partially dry.

I do have a serious question about groomers.  Are there groomers that actually use some kind of drug on dogs to mellow them out?  I saw someone mention this and it freaked me out.  I could never understand how a groomer could handle a dog that doesn't settle down.  Can you answer this?

Comment by Anneke Penne on May 28, 2012 at 10:37am

Hey there again! Just some thoughts. Training is not my forte (a disclaimer). I would like to get some more formal training but what I know is what I have learned from taking my dogs to class and other more experienced groomers and some trainers. If he is biting at the  brush you do have to correct it otherwise you will have a bitey dog on your hands. A stern "NO". As for fear of the blow dryer, this is a big world and he has to learn to live in it, blow dryers, thunderstorms, construction, cars, and so on. I have been taught  that when you coddle the fear you are actually encouraging it and then you have a fearful, neurotic dog on your hands.  I would consult a trainer or get in a class ASAP.This does doesn't mean  you are being cruel an pushing him off a cliff or anything. If he is fearful in situations remain relaxed yourself, he senses your fear. It is understandable being afraid of the groomer but there good ones out there,just ask around. Maybe ask other doodle owners in your area where they go? Also and I say this with the upmost respect on a doodle community site, I am a little fearful of the uneducated doodle owner. My co-worker had a doodle customer on time that had never been groomed and it was close to a year old. It was so badly matted it needed to be shaved down short short short.  Dematting this dog would have been inhumane.The mom did not have any understanding of how the coat grows or how grooming worked. She really thought the matts would come out in a  grooming apointment. The head, ears and neck were so matted that when the air hit the skin it really feels funny to the dog (because all the matts cover the skin) it caused the dog to shake and flap its ears so much that hematomas formed at the end of the ear. This was not caused by the groomer, it was secondary to not getting regular grooming or in this case never having the dog grooming at all. The whole experience was an eye opener for the owner, my co-worker was a truely good groomer/communicater, I believe the customer continues to go to him.  I share this to make the point that there are two sides to every story. When I hear or read about people not being happy about a groom, my first thoughts are what condition did the dog come in and how regular do they get their dog groomed?  The puppy coat- hmm actually I am not really sure. I think you may see changes starting @ 6 months? I can double check. I know doodles have a wide variation of  types of coats I am not  sure what it will change into.

Comment by Dona Wallerius on May 27, 2012 at 4:48pm

Yes, it was a little tangled in the rear but I kept at it in short spurts.  He tends to try to attack the brush and think its a toy or game.  So it gets difficult at times.  I do what I can and just do more later.  I do worry because he seems terrified of my blow dryer.  I didn't use it on him but when I turned it on to use it on myself he ran scared.  I have such fears of groomers... only because of some stories I read.  And because he is a puppy, he gets mouthy trying to handle him and he doesn't sit still, I have a feeling a groomer might lose their patience with him.. that worries me :(  I will start asking around though, because I don't want to take him to just anybody.  Another question.. my husband say's he still has his puppy fur.. when does this change and what does it change too?  Less fuzzy?  Thanks for taking the time to help Anneke, I really do appreciate your advice.

Comment by Anneke Penne on May 26, 2012 at 9:44pm

Honestly, I would get him to the groomer ASAP. A doodle is a dog that will need life long grooming and the sooner you get them used to going the better. Your groomer will thank you and your dog will be easier manage on the grooming table as they get older. They don't have to have a full blown haircut the first time. They can do a partial trim, feet, face and fanny type trim and nice brush out. But get the dog  used to the place, the sounds, the experiences, especially the blow dryer. Some places offer puppy deals like a certain price until they reach a weight or age. But also ask around about good groomers. Really good places book weeks in advance sometimes. There are also little gems of places too. I would have to see the dog to show you things to look for. Don't make the mistake leaving matts and tangles in the coat and and then letting it dry. You will end up with a miserable dog or one that needs shaved down. Things you can do to help your dog get used to grooming are handle their paws, hold the their beard to keep their face in place, clean their ears, start brushing their teeth. Try to understand what a matt and tangle in the coat is. I say this because some people don't understand. A couple weeks ago we had a doodle dad who said just used a furminator to brush his doodle. Alot of people do make the mistake of just brushing on the surface. Don't forget, use a comb. It must stay in contact with the skin and glide though like butter. If it doesn't, you are hitting tangles or matts. Most dog shampoos say safe for puppies or kittens above 12 weeks. I like espree products and they are available at Petco I think. Conditioner is good too for doodles. I could go on and on. I know what I would do in the shop and what I would do at home. Maybe get a smaller brush for hind area. I like a triangle slicker. If he is not tolerating it back there, is it possible it is tangled and the brush is really pulling?

Comment by Dona Wallerius on May 26, 2012 at 8:35pm

Thanks Anneke for your advice.  I have been brushing bogey everyday if not every other day.  I enjoy it and I think he does too. His hind area seems the hardest to get too, as he doesn't tolerate it as much, but I manage to sneak it in. I'd like to give him his first bath soon... if you have any suggestions I'd love to hear them.

Comment by Laurie, Nug & Puk on May 24, 2012 at 9:40pm
Thanks Anneke, if you are gonna have them you have to take care of them! They are a high maint. Dog, but worth every bit of the time it takes to care for them.
Comment by Anneke Penne on May 24, 2012 at 8:30pm

I am indeed a groomer. Although I do not have a doodle. I have a smooth coated black and brown doxie and a black and white shih tzu in a low maintentance cut (very short) and a kitty. I would like to get a pug and then promptly buy another vacuum. My dream doodle customer  would be someone who heeded all my advice so I could spend more time on fabulous scissor work and less time dematting. Or avoiding delivering the bad news that the coat is best shaved down to spare their baby the pain of dematting. They are lovely dogs, I have met quite a few but not a dog I would ever be interested in owning. But if you can't beat 'em join 'em. Doodles are not going  away any anytime soon. They are a decent portion of grooming business out there. So bring on the doodles!!!!! I would just like to see more doodle owners educated and putting good brushing and grooming techniques into practice at home.  Again I feel very strongly on the care of a doodle and any dog really.


Comment by Grace and Pemon The Gentle Giant on May 24, 2012 at 7:14pm

I see Anneke that you are a new member.  We thank you for all your advice and would love to see some pictures of your Doodle.  Now, do tell, what do you do for a living?  My guess is a Doodle Groomer.  You seem so well read on the subject.  I too have read there is no such thing as a dog that doesn't shed, but there are a lot of people out there that say their Doodles do not shed.  Of course that is depending on the Generation.  And some of our members are adament about brushing their Doodles, so that has to cut down the shedding also.  I see you do love and care about Doodles as we all do.  Again Welcome and please do post some pictures.

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