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Hello to all my fellow doodle lovers! I'm new to this site but love everything I've seen/read thus far. I need some advice on potty training my new doodle. I had a beautiful doodle - Maggie - but lost her when she was 7 mo old in a terrible accident. I loved and adored her and she will forever be in my heart. After falling in love with Maggie I can't imagine having any other kind of dog than a doodle!!!! So, I will soon be brining my new doodle home!!!! However, I'd like to have some advice from other doodle lovers on potty training. My little Maggie did great with #2 but we were not as successful with pee-pee as she was still having several accidents. I used a command word, rewarded/praised her ,and took her out often but still had an issue. She never would use a puppy pad? I'd love to have any words of wisdom on this subject before my new girl gets here!!!!!! Have any of you had success with the bell ringing method? Any comments would be greatly appreciated! Thanks!

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Comment by D Harvey on August 3, 2010 at 6:14pm
just a little update. we have had Buddy for 3 weeks now. He has already caught on to use the bell when wanting out. so far so good
Comment by Betsy on August 3, 2010 at 3:45pm
Molly learned very quickly to associate the bell with potty breaks. However, these doods are VERY smart as you well know. I suspect your new doodle will pick up on this very quickly, but will also ring the bell as it gets them outside. Molly started ringing the bell every 10 mins or so; I would take her out and as soon as I realized she didn't really have to go, I would scoop her up (no anger or anthing) and take her back in. Now, this took multiple times of doing this for nearly a week. The key is consistency. She soon realized that bell is for potty only. It takes patience, but your doodle will get it.

Much sympathy on the loss of your Maggie. Indeed, these are special family members and will forever be in your heart.
Comment by Pam, Wade & Murphy on August 2, 2010 at 2:01pm
Murphy went through a game faze as well. He is 6.5 months now and still occasionally rings the bell just to go sit on the deck, especially if the weather is nice!
Comment by D Harvey on July 30, 2010 at 4:42pm
Hi Donna Jo, I agree with Pam with bell training. "Buddy" is 10 wks old we started him the week we brought him home. He is starting to assocate the bell with going outside. (sometimes its a game though) still he is doing pretty good with it. (:
Comment by Pam, Wade & Murphy on July 30, 2010 at 8:20am
Hi Donna Jo,
I would highly recommend the bell ringing method. As soon as we brought Murphy home, everytime we would take him outside we would ring the bell ourselves, but show him we were doing it. It took him one week to associate the sound of the bell with going "potty" (for either #1 or #2) and hitting the bell with his nose. Initally he wasn't very persistant so we still had to be in the vicinity to hear the bell, but now we can tell by how he rings it if he needs to do #1 or #2 (one slap with the paw for #1 and standing on hind legs battering the bell for #2).

Good luck with your new doodle.

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