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It's really amazing to watch a puppy learn and grow.  They pick up more in the first 5 months of their lives than most PEOPLE pick up in 5 years...or more.  And there is no denying the unconditional love they display for their families.  I often pet Mowgli and tell my husband "I hope he's happy with us, I hope he likes it here."  Who am I kidding?  I know how happy he is when I come home and can hear the thump of his wagging tail against his kennel which is quickly exaggerated with kisses.  But I really mean it, I hope happiness for him like I do anyone else in my life, he's family...


I feel like I say this everytime I write, but, we really are very busy this year.  Any weekend one of us doesn't have to work, it seems as though we are leaving town for one thing or another.  This has been especially interesting with a puppy who has been known to get carsick on the way to the vet....eek!  This past weekend we went to South Dakota...which is where I am originially from...and 9 hours away.  Certain that we'd have to stop for Mowgli like you would an infant, we loaded the backseat with towels, blankets and paper towels.  We got his water dish ready, made sure not to feed him that morning and had to chase him around the driveway to get him in the car.  30 minutes down the road our fears were confirmed...and we were confused...where did dog food come from if he hadn't eaten since yesterday!?  Regardless, we pulled over, cleaned up and gave him some water...and we were off expecting this to occur frequetly for 9 hours.  It didn't.  Not once.  He definitely doesn't "enjoy" being in the car, but he has learned to sleep to pass the time.  Progress!


We got home from South Dakota and it was time for Mowgli to have his surgery to get neutered.  Of course, we knew this was no big deal, but were both worried about him all day.  I even called to check on him once I knew he'd be out!  Thankfully, he did fine, and now at day 3 post op he seems to be less uncomfrotable...pretty much like himself really with a bit of healing left to happen.  When he came home he did cry a little and was very sleepy, very unlike himself.  We finally just put him in his kennel in a dark room and let him sleep.  He was so unstable when he was out and acted as though he just couldn't sit still.  So, he'd try to walk and would just end up all over the room.  He cried a bit here and there, but, for the most part did really well.  Although we still have some recovering to do, we're all happy to have that in the past - I'm sure Mowgli would agree!


We've been having so much fun.  Trying to learn new tricks and enjoying all of our little routines.  I stood and laughed at Mowgli this morning as he stood and spun the toilet paper roll (which was empty) with one paw.  He LOVES unraveling the toilet paper, and it's just too darn cute to scold somedays.  It's the simple things, right?

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Comment by Jo Bill on May 11, 2012 at 9:09pm

Mowgli is growing up so fast!  Keep posting ... it's fun to read about his (and your) progress. 

Comment by Marsha Cochran on May 11, 2012 at 8:22am
Agree.......... also I have noticed that Hank is like no other dog we've ever had regarding communication and relationship skills.
Comment by Grace and Pemon The Gentle Giant on May 10, 2012 at 8:00pm

Kristin, I too really enjoyed your Blog.  Believe they do know we love them, that is also why they love us too.  If we were mean in anyway or didn't treat them right, you would know it.  It's so funny, but since I had Fletch and now Pemon, I always look into other dogs eyes.  You can really see the love.  They are so truely warm and loving.   I just don't know why there is so much animal abuse in this world.  But then again, children are abused also.  So just think what a good home we are giving them.

Comment by Pedro & Alessandra on May 10, 2012 at 2:07pm

Amazing how time flies - can't believe Mowgli is 6 months already, but I've been saying it over and over, enjoy puppyhood because it goes by SO fast and I agree, it is amazing how much they learn, grow and love us unconditionally.

I still have those moments when I look at Pedro and just hope that I'm giving him back at least a fraction of the love and joy he gives me. I ask him if he's happy and if I'm a good Mommy to him and he looks at me with those big brown eyes and nudges me with his nose to pet him and I just know... 

Thank you for sharing Kristen, I enjoy reading about you and Mowgli and your husband's busy life and how progress is being made and above all, how much happiness and joy your family enjoys!

Have a great Spring! 

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