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Hello, my name is Melissa. I just brought our new 9 week old male puppy home last night. He had been sleeping a lot until it was time for bed than he started crying when I placed him in the crate. I felt so bad. It lasted @ 1 1/2 hours on and off. Just wondering how long that takes to stop? I was also wondering how many crate trained their pups, and how successful and any tips would be great! He has been here since 7 pm last night and he has not eaten yet either. He has drank. I guess he is just adjusting. So any puppy tips would be great! Thank you.

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Comment by Daisy Doodle on July 26, 2010 at 8:24pm
Daisy in now 9 months old, she was so easily crate trained. The first night was the only night she cried so she was really easy. When it was time for bed we would say "Go nite nite Daisy and in she went. She absolutely loves her crate, she feels safe. If she is spooked by something that goes bump she goes inside her crate on her own. THIS IS THE MAIN REASON FOR CRATE TRAINING. It gives them a place to call their own. Now, all that being said she will not go nite nite for mommy, only daddy, if I say go nite nite Daisy she walks to my husbands side of the bed looks at him and they both go to the crate where he says go nite nite and in she goes. So darn cute. Keep trying, don't give up. Oh we also got her a cuddle puppy that we warmed in the microwave....that toy stays in the crate and she is not allowed to bring it out, we no longer warm it. She also has an old sleeping blanket for cuddling into. She has never pottied in the crate.
Comment by Susan Kern on April 5, 2010 at 12:17am
Hi Collen I crate trained our doodle he whined at first all night but then I got this brainstorm and put his crate in our room next to our bed so he could hear us we also put a toy inside with our scent and he seemed to feel better but I also took him outside every 2 hrs to potty.He is now 3yrs old and pees and poops on command hes great to travel with.Just try letting him stay in your room and putting something with your scent in the crate good luck and he will get it just be patient.
Comment by Colleen on April 4, 2010 at 3:04pm
Hi, I'm reading this about crate training as I am having huge problems with my doodle. We got Coby a week ago, at 12 weeks; he had been crate trained by the breeder since 8 weeks. The first night he cried all night, pooped twice (after being let out, so that wasn't the reason) in the crate (we're using a divder...trying to do everything right!), day 2 pooped in the crate, night 2 cried all night...and so on! We're down to about 1 hour of crying when he goes into it at night (protesting all the way!) and occasionally through the night. He did one poop and one pee in there this weekend. I'm not ready to give up yet, but I'm getting really close! Does anyone have any advice? I'm thinking it might be separation anxiety, as there have been a few other indicators of that. Oh, and I have know given up the crate during the day and leave him confined in the kitchen, and only crate at night. Any help is welcome! Thanks!
Comment by Peter Nathan on March 23, 2010 at 5:55pm
Hi All..... Thanks for all your lovely comments about your lovely doggies. I gave it a lot of thought but in the end we decided to get a Ladbrador, we have her here now, shes great - a bit bitey but has slept in crate for the first 2 nights and now getting ready for another. A Goldendoodle was always an option and they look like superb dogs, our lab was just in the right place at the right time and we went for it... Good Luck with your fantastic pets - thanks again foryour kind comments ,,Peter
Comment by Susan Kern on March 23, 2010 at 5:29pm
Hi Melissa we crate trained our doodle but would get up a couple times a night to take him outside to potty.He always slept in his crate when he got a couple months old we left the door open for him but he always slept in there.
Comment by mthomas on March 12, 2010 at 11:52pm
Thank you everyone for your comments. He is crying less than last night. It is just going to take some adjustments for us all. Last night was unbearable. He cried non stop for 2+ hours, woke up everyone. I just gave in finally and let him out an he stopped. I will try to stay strong and not get him tonight. I let him out and he voided outside right before placing him in the crate. I know that is not the issue. So we will see what tonight brings. I am curious to know what people are placing in the crate. I had a blanket but he did pee on it. So I took it out tonight. I placed several toys in the crate though.
Comment by Peter Nathan on March 12, 2010 at 1:22pm
Hi Melissa. Good luck with the crate. I have never used one but will definatly need to use one for our forthcoming pup. I will follow your progress with great interest.
Comment by Barbara childs on March 11, 2010 at 8:06pm
Hi Melissa,I have a 7 month old doodle..Memphis.I understand where you are right now.I literally had to shove him in the crate the first few nights.The main ting is to stick to it no matter what.It is hard to listen to them cry..but i am glad i did it.dont put anything in the crate,Memphis didnt even want a blanket.Crate training is a wonderful ting to do for your doodle.When I put him in I would always say "go for a rest" in no time at all he would go when i said that.Now when i go out i say go for rest,he goes in willingly,lays down and i can go out not worrying about him.If you need any help im here.I went to puppy kindergarten and still attending group and private classes.

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