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Daisy has been with us for a month now.  Two weeks our big, overzealous 2 yr old puppy, Howie, crashed into Daisy while playing and broke her arm.  Surgery was required and now all is well and she has a soft cast.  We find it near impossible to keep a 3 month old puppy sedate as the post-op instructions would have it.  She loves to run and pounce.  She is not supposed to roughhouse, but that is hard to prevent, too.  Often she is the instigator.  At her 12 week check, she was 15.9 lbs with…


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Daisy came home Monday

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We are still here...

Hi all from Sandi and Howie.  We are still around, life does not allow much fun computer time, but I hope to sneak in more visits here and there.  Howie was 2 in January, still lanky and gangly, quite long legged.  Weighed in at 62 pounds at his check-up in April.  He is starting to mellow, but still needs work on his manners, especially in the yard, where he thinks everyone is a puppy who wants to tumble around with him -- way over friendly!!

Our big news is Howie will be getting a…


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Trip to vet today and weigh in

Had to take Howie to the vet this afternoon after he vomited a 2nd time.  Of course being the cruiser that he is, he had helped himself Wednesday morning to half a bagel in a bag -- only part of the bag was recovered.  Then Thursday he grabbed a fiber bar and scarfed in down wrapper and all.  Being exactly one year after our drama with Jaxon, I thought it best to err on the side of caution.  He is fine, just have to make sure everything is moving through (which it seems to be), keep him on a…


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Howie is 1 today!

Hi all!  I'm not prepared with pictures or anything, but we are still around and Howie is happy to be one today.  I am hoping to get a couple of pictures taken and uploaded later today.  He is doing well although still a stinker is some regards.  He looks for opportunites to counter cruise, but he does recognize Mommy's serious/stern face and reluctantly responds to "leave it" -- he's our work in process.  I hope to go by the vet this weekend to grab a weight on him.  Last weigh in was Nov…


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Hi all!  We are still around, but with three active human kids, not much time to get online and update.  Howie turned 9 months old on Monday.  Had a brief check-up at the vet last Saturday and weighed in at 45 lbs.  He is running about 8 pounds less than our previous doodle at the same age.  We enjoy him much of the time, but struggle with some bad habits he has -- mainly counter cruising when we turn our backs and swipe and grab, esp in the busy…


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Brief Howie update

I haven't visited in a while, but just wanted to pop in and post a couple of pics and give a brief update.  Howie graduated from puppy school in June; did well with his first boarding experience last weekend.  He played in a playgroup all day there, so I bet he slept well.  He got a good report and is welcome back.  He also went to daycare today for the first time.  We did the rough weigh-in last weekend and he was 37 pounds.  He is 5.5 months. Has his first grooming appointment on Monday.…


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What to do when it rains/Howie update

Rainy day + energetic puppy = one high energy household by the time we were all home from work and school.  Had meal from stuffed kongs, drug mom and sister for potty runs in pouring rain, finally mom put puppy on the treadmill and played some training games.  Now it is almost 10 and nearing bedtime and puppy looks sleepy.

Big day tomorrow at the vet for neutering.  Weighed in last week at 28 pounds at 19 weeks of age. (still quite bony).  With much leadership from mom has walked…


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Howie is 13 week now

We've had Howie for a month now.  He had his second vet visit yesterday.  Weighed it at 16.9 lbs.  Still feels like a bag of bones, vet said we could up his food a tad, but added he feels smaller boned.  He is quite a bit smaller than the other goldendoodle in puppy class who is the same age and 20 pounds (I thought he was a good month older than Howie -- he was that much bigger).  Learning a bit more each day, but remains obstinate about walking around our neighborhood -- he did good at the…


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Howie and "The Walk"

I have read several dog resources which point out the importance of walking your dog.  I know Howie is young and to start with short walks, but he seems to hate "the walk".  When walking away from the house he pulls back or sits down.  Then when we turn around he strains to run back to the house.  Has anyone had this type of experience with their pups.  Any ideas on overcoming?


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Howie saw the vet - 10 weeks old

Took Howie to the vet today for his second round of vaccines.  The vet love doodles, so she was excited to see him and glad we got a new doodle.  I had to laugh at the front desk girl because she was telling me how cute my puppy was and of course responded that she probably says that to all the puppies -- she said ours was exceptionally cute.  :-)  He weighed in at 12.0 pounds.  All is well on check-up.


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Howie is home

Howie came home to Traverse City Michigan on 3/17/12.  We picked him up from a family farm in Sheridan, MI, where Howie was one of a litter of 4 (the only male).  His 3 sisters are still waiting for their forever homes.  He turned 9 weeks yesterday.  Pictures are posted on my page -- as noted by other owners of black doods here, they are hard to photograph.

Added by Sandi, Howie & Daisy on March 19, 2012 at 10:13am — 5 Comments

Toy ideas

Our new puppy comes home next Saturday and eventhough we just went through this less than two years ago I am finding it difficult to pick toys out.  What type do your puppies like?  How many toys do you have around for the puppy?  Thanks for your opinions and input!

Added by Sandi, Howie & Daisy on March 9, 2012 at 9:21pm — 5 Comments

Looking to the future

After the unexpected loss of our Jaxon a couple of weeks ago, we have already found our next doodle.  We promised the kids we would get a new dog in the spring, so I contacted Jaxon's breeder to see if she was planning any spring litters.  As it turned out she has a new litter right now!!  They are just over 2 weeks old which has them ready to go home sometime in March.  We reserved the only male in the 4 puppy litter.  They are F1, standard pootdle mother/golden father.  He is black, with a…


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