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Reason for Go Fund Me Page for Goldendoodle

Sorry....I'm doing this on my phone and don't know how to edit. So this goes with the other post.

Curly had to have surgery to remove a tumor the size of a grapefruit from his lungs. The surgeon said since he didn’t have any other issues that it would be ok to do. So we proceeded and they removed it and everything seemed to be going well last week. We had to take him back to the hospital Sunday for breathing issues and he had air trapped in his chest cavity so they tapped him.… Continue

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Go Fund Me Page for Goldendoodle

Not my dog. A friend asked if I would pass this on. If its not allowed, please let me know and I will remove it.

This is the link for it - it can be copied into a post. I have been posting updates there. We raised $1600 so far but that had to go to his hospital trip Sunday ($900) night and the vet bill yesterday. Csaba said he ate some today a bit and isn’t throwing up today so that’s good.… Continue

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Meet Murphy!

Well, we FINALLY was able to bring our new fur-baby home.  He is an F1b Goldendoodle - Dad is a Goldendoodle, Mom is a Poodle.  We named him Murphy.  He is sweet, playful and very smart.  He is a lover puppy.  …


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Need Advice - Puppy On the Way

Ok Gang .... we couldn't take it anymore.  We miss Gizmo so much.  Our house is quiet and HUGE without him.  He wasn't noisy and he wasn't too big for our house ... he just "was".

So, we found a breeder about 2 hours away from us in Michigan.  It is Heart of Goldendoodles.  They are having a litter of F1b Goldendoodles in a couple weeks.  We are 3rd on the list to pick and our doodle will come home around the…


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Many Thanks for Your Prayers and Friendship

Hi everyone!  I just want to say how much Terry & I appreciate all the kind words after sending Gizmo to the Rainbow Bridge.  It really is very touching to see all the memories and special times we've had together via this site.

I'm going to post a couple videos of Gizmo showing how silly and wonderful he was.  We are healing, but still miss him so very much.  Terry has been ill for the last month (he has…


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Update on Gizmo

Today was the day Gizmo went to the Rainbow Bridge. Our sweet baby was so very sick. He gave us many clues that he was ready to go yesterday & today. So we helped him.

He was hungry and thirsty, but wouldn't eat or drink. Eventually I gave him an egg. He was supposed to get only his special kidney diet dog food, but he wouldn't eat it and at this point it didn't matter. He ate the egg and then drank a lot…


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It's Almost Time for the Rainbow Bridge

It's with a very heavy heart and extreme sadness that I tell you that Gizmo is declining in health.  We took him for bloodwork last Monday and his BUN & Creatinine were the highest ever; 140 & 12, respectively.  When he was first diagnosed on October 18th his BUN was 116.9; his creatinine 5.9.  He will not eat his food now even if I add something yummy (which I'm not supposed to do) and he's not drinking much.  For the last few days he has showed little…


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Gizmo is Thankful

Happy Thanksgiving, everyone!  I hope your day was wonderful.

I have to apologize for being so lax in updating Gizmo's illness.  We have been so busy with human dr. appointments and life in general.

So ..... we only have to take Gizmo to the vet every few months unless we see that he is going downhill.  His bloodwork wasn't good when it was done last Friday, but the vet says there are other things that will affect it.  As long as he is eating, drinking, peeing and his activity…


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Gizmo is Hanging In There

Gizmo Update:  Had bloodwork this morning.  Not great, but not terrible.  His BUN was 78.7 and his Creatinine was 6.2.  On Sept. 18th (his first appointment) the BUN was 116.9 & Creatinine 5.9.  So we are making progress.  If he would drink more water his creatinine should come down more.  He is playing like a puppy and interested in rides and people and other fun stuff.  He gets tired very easily and eats when I can coax him to eat.  He's been a real lover and a velcro dog.  We don't…


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One More Update on Gizmo ....

He was home from Friday to today (Tuesday).  He did really well eating and drinking and peeing over the first two days.  The vet had given us K/d wet canned food as well as the dry food.  Friday & Saturday he couldn't wait for it to get into his bowl.  He'd eat it all, drink a couple cups of water and ask to go outside.  We thought "WOW, he's doing so well.  Maybe he will come out of it ok".

Until Sunday .... he decided not to drink much and refused to eat AGAIN!  I could get him…


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Gizmo is home!

We were able to pick Gizmo up from the vet this afternoon.  He is not out of the woods yet, but good enough to come home for now.  We have to bring him back on Tuesday for another blood draw.

He's eating K/d (Hills brand) canned and dry food combined.  He loves it!  And he's drinking water out of his bowl.  He did pull his IV out last night, but it's been in since Monday p.m., so he must be feeling better.  No treats or anything else can be injested ... only his food.

When we…


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Update on Gizmo

UPDATE on Gizmo ...Terry just talked to Doc about Gizmo (around 9:30 a.m.).  He ate a full can of food at 5:00 last night and one this morning.  He was looking at his bowl wondering why it was empty when Terry talked to Doc a few min ago. If his blood work is as good as what Gizmo looks like today, we will be able to come home tomorrow. He has not bothered the IV or tubes at all. Trying not to get my hopes up cuz it could change.  But his appetite is back and that's a good…


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Gizmo is Sick ... REALLY Sick!!!!

I haven't posted anything in this group for a very long time, so most of you will not know me.  I used to post and ask a lot of questions when I first got Gizmo.  He was a HANDFUL!!!  Well, he is six now and such a lover boy!  He still has that mischievious streak.  Well, my sweet boy is very, very sick.…

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Happy Birthday to Gizmo!

I haven't been on this site for a very long time ... life got in the way a bit.  That doesn't mean I haven't thought about all my friends here.  I have checked in from time-to-time.

The main reason I'm posting today is because it is Gizmo's 5th birthday today!  I can't believe that little ball of fluff and deviltry is five!  He has turned into the most loveable, sweeet and…


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Hi everybody!  It's been AGES since I was here, but it's been a hectic time.  Again, I need advice and suggestions.

Gizmo has grown up to be a wonderful lover-puppy.  He's smart and sweet and downright adorable.  The problem he has now is that he's extremely afraid of "things".  We were walking today (on leash for once) and there was a work truck in a driveway we were passing.  A man that he didn't know came out and he got spooked.  Then, that man made a noise by lifting a…


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Time to Change Food Brand??? and Other "Stuff"

Hi everyone.  I've been mia for a very long time and so much is happening in our house!  Our adult son has been living with us since November.  He has two children (ages 8 & 11) who stay almost every other weekend and a couple times during the week.  Also, his little Daisy Dog, Mojo is with us.  So, it's been a busy and hectic household!

So:  About his food:  Gizmo has had to go to the vet on a pretty regular basis to have his anal glands expressed.  I…


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Irritating Barking .... Driving Us CRAZY!!!!

Houston .... we have a problem!  Since Mojo has come to live with us, we are bombarded by unnecessary, irritating, and incessant barking!!!! Mojo will bark at anything and everything .... things only he can see or hear.  Of course, when Mojo barks, Gizmo thinks he needs to take over and get "it" ... whatever "it" is.  Afterall, this is His home and it's His job to protect it against "its".  (He told me this himself, so I know that's how he feels).

Our first problem is that…


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Seat Belt for Dogs Study

I received this email quite a long time ago and am just getting to it now.  I think it's worth reading.  It's from 

The link I copied is:

Here is…


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ADD in Dogs

My son made a very profound observation the other day .... Gizmo has ADD - ATTENTION DOODLE DEFICIT.  LOL  Gizmo was being his crazy, wound up self and Chad decided it was because he has Attention Doodle Deficit.  I think that is probably very close to the truth.  LOL

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Feeding .....

Gizmo has decided that he likes to eat with his bowl on the footstool in the living room.  AND, he usually won't eat unless I put it in his Kong first, or hide his Glucosamine tablets in it.  Quirky!!!

We started feeding him in the living room when he broke his leg about a year and a half ago.  He decided that he likes to eat by us .... that's not a problem.  I'm not sure how or why we put his bowl on the footstool, but he really likes it. 

Does anyone else have…


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