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Posted on June 18, 2010 at 12:09am 5 Comments

HI, I am new to goldendoodles. I trying to learn all I can. I currently do not have a doodle but am looking to get my first one. I live on a small hobby farm and teach a little obedience mostly for fun. I have a wonderful demo dog that is aging and need to start a new dog. I hope this will be a doodle. Looking forward to talking with all you doodle pros.

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At 6:53pm on June 27, 2010, Andrea O'Brien said…
Reply part 2
So as I was saying, I always had a facination and I can tell you 5 or 6 really good stories about my attemps to become horse-savy. Bottom line is, i still live in the burbs and couldn't afford to board a horse and therefore I do not own one. I am less insane about it, but I do appreciate people who have them and ride etc.

The parrot! Did you get it when it was new/young or did you rescue it from someone? I understand that parrots need a ton of attention and that depending on the bird, can be quite a handful? Is it true? There were people at our house a few summers ago who said that they had one for a number of years and not that they didn't love it but that if they had known how much work it was may not have ever purchased it. The man couldn't clip its feather or whatever they had to do to groom it. He said that only his wife was "allowed" to and if he dared try that it would "snap his fingers off at the knuckles"
I am also facinated with birds - especially ones that are capable of talking or repeating. Tell me more about the parrot - does he or she mimic?
Cats - love cats too. You have five!!! I have only one. His name is Isidore and he's an orange tabby that we rescued from a shelter about 4 years ago. On my page there is one pic of him with Gracie when she was a pup (he had a haircut like a lion) and there is a more recent one of him with fur too, I think. Cats are cool! They rock. Izzy was here before Gracie and sometimes she roughs him up a bit. I think it pisses him off, but he is such a cool cat that it's hard to tell. I see I'm running out of space again.
Posting pictures on the site is not too bad. Go to the top of the page where it says photos and I think you can upload them right there if you already have some pics saved on your computer. I'll keepmy eyes peeled for some. Talk soon - Gracie needs a run and my fingers ares sore :)
At 6:39pm on June 27, 2010, Andrea O'Brien said…
Hey Gayle, thanks for the reply. I seriously have never heard of a Mountain Pleasure Horse or a Missouri Fox Trotter. I can't say that I am well-versed in horses (and am now wondering "is that what a MIssouri Fox Trotter is??" ), but I didn't know that something could stump me like that either. Had you said a Quarter Horse or an Apolloosa I would have been OK. :) Sounds like you have a small zoo!! I am soooo facinated with the idea of a hobby farm. I'm 43 and have always lived in the 'burbs', but when I was a kid I couldn't figure out why my parents just didn't buy me a horse!!! Seriously, I would cry most nights at the dinner table because they would always tell me that you couldn't have a horse in our neighbourhood that it was against the bylaws etc and that if I wanted I could get pigoens!!!! ARg! When I was little up until the time I was about 14 i guess, we would be driving in the car and I would say "stop, dad, look, there's a horse...stop the car" He never stopped. It would go like this. I would sit in the backseat and cry. He would say, "why do you want me to stop?" and my reply would be, "I'll just climb the fence and go and pet it". which point he would have to explain that you just couldn't go in someone's field to pet their horses, that it would be like touching someone's expensive car without permission and it was dangerous. It barely sunk in until say I was, married with kids!! :) I have to laugh at my self. My summers would be spent wishing my parents would take me horseback riding and then when I would go it would be slightly dissappointed because it would usually be too hot, too wet & slippery or the horses would be insane with horseflies and summer bugs and the trail horses just wanted back in the barn. I was a nut for them but always wished I could just ride off into the sunset like a romatic western movie ending. I think I have to send this in two emails...I see that I am running out of space on my counter.
At 10:08pm on June 25, 2010, Andrea O'Brien said…
Hi Gayle - read your blog. Everyone has such intersting stories. Now I have to ask, to you have other critters on your hobby farm? You should post some pics and introduce them:)

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